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Monday, 10 August 2020

Who is" Binod"? Why Binod is everywhere!

 Who is" Binod"? Why Binod is everywhere!  

unknown person


    'Binod... Binod...Binod...' from past few days this name is ruling on whole social media and youtube world. The man, without face and without any identity has earned strong popularity because of social media. Member's community are enjoying it by creating crazy funny poster meme & video meme on Binod. Whereas innocent people just like you and I are totally unaware of this crazy trending name 'Binod'. We keep on thinking who is this most trending anonymous guy & how he the tag of the most trending name without any identity? Why Binod posses this level of fame? and who is he? 

Funny man
 Funny man


Who is 'Binod'?

       So without stretching this topic anymore honestly, I am aware of this but not exactly on Binod. Binod is the guy who randomly comments on YouTube in YouTube comment box and keeps on begging for likes and commenting back his name. Yes, this is the truth, Binod is a type of attention seeker on YouTube. He is the one who drops his name as a comment in many YouTube videos. Without any reason without any logic he just blindly leave his name in the comment box. Name Binod is just a hidden face of this illogical & stupid practice of grabbing attention & being famous. You can replace and use any name here instead of Binod. But why only Binod? Why not any other name?

Social media
  Social media 

Why Binod is getting fame ? What is the wrong with other name's?

 One of the most famous youtube channels named "Slay point " made a roast video on, randomly commenting people. Who do comment chip and logicless comments in the YouTube comment box? Gautami kale and Abhyudaya Mohan are the creators of this channel. Together they made a roast video on, who randomly comment on youtube comment box which is still viral on Instagram and Facebook meme world and the first name of that video was Binod after that they roast other names but Binod has another level of luck. This is funny but right now Binod is more famous than 'Slayy point '. After Slay Point, many other YouTubers and Instagrammers like Satish rayRj harshi, Subham gaurBhuvan bam made a video on Binod. Result of this is, we all know an anonymous person Binod & the name is everywhere on social media, in comment boxes, and maybe in some chat groups too. The name is on the way towards its great success. 
Comments reading
 Comments reading

What is going on in the comment box? 

Commenting on YouTube videos is cool and funny but reading this type of comment is super cool. Whenever you feel bored you must switch to YouTube & its comment box. You will wonder what craziness is going on the other side, how people are mad. Many unknown people comment on their mobile number as if someone is going to call them or random people start their chit chats on some useless topic which is never going to appear. Some use to write shayri as a comment on comedy videos and some beg for likes. Some use to write their breakup story and some, about missing their ex. Commenting on YouTube videos is the most fun thing and irritating at the same time. The same behavior of viewers is on Instagram too but there most people comment relating to the topic, except Paytm girls and people who are willing to increase the followers of their page. Funny people do exist everywhere once you start stalking comments on Instagram you will get amazed by the fact that how much free time do people have and nowadays how every second comment is the most trending name 'Binod'. 
Funny boy

Our contribution in Binod fame.
 people as meme lovers have a tremendous power of making someone famous at any time. It's doesn't matter who the person is, how rich or poor the person is, the person is good or bad,  right or wrong nothing! We just want to entertain ourselves and for that nothing matters not even face or any personified identity of a person, just as the Binod.

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Sunday, 9 August 2020

What is a Nuclear Bomb/Weapon ?

What is a Nuclear Bomb?

Nuclear bomb

“Mankind invented the atomic bomb, but no mouse would ever construct a mousetrap.”

On 6th August 1945 united states dropped a nuclear bomb called the little boy over the city of Hiroshima.just after two days on the 9th of August 1945 united states also dropped another atomic bomb called "Fat Man" over the Japanese city "Nagasaki". Both bombs together killed more than 2,26,000 people and more than half of them died on 1st day and remaining died due to injuries and burn and many more suffered from radiation and developed genetic disease.

Why Nuclear bombs are so devastating?

Nuclear blast

for that, we have to look at how these bombs work, these bombs work on the phenomenon called nuclear reaction. there are basically two types of nuclear reactions and so as two types of nuclear bombs too.

1 fission bomb
2 fusion bomb

That two dropped over Hiroshima & Nagasaki were fission bombs. so let's see how the fission bomb works but before that let me share some fundamentals of atoms and radioactivity.

Fundamentals of atoms & radioactivity

What is radioactivity?

Solids, liquids, gases each & everything including you and me is made up of tiny particles called "Atoms". these atoms are also made up of other three fundamental particles. "proton" & "neutron" which together form the nucleus (core) of the atom & "electron" that form the shell of an atom. Now proton is a positively charged particle and neutron is neutral so the core is positively charged, electrons are negatively charged particle. if the number of proton & electron is the same then the atom is electrically neutral, if not that it becomes an ion.

Atoms found in nature are either stable or unstable if the forces among the particles who made atom is perfectly balanced then an atom is stable but when these forces are not balanced then an atom is unstable. forces are not balanced due to excess internal energy due to excessive amount of proton or neutron, an unstable atom tries to reach the stability by ejecting this particle and releases energy. this phenomenon is called radioactivity.

How the fission bomb works?

it works on the principle that it requires energy to put together a nucleus with protons and neutrons and when the nucleus splits it releases that energy out. some atoms have an unstable nucleus. "uranium" & "plutonium" is of such kind of radioactive elements. when the nucleus splits it shoot some neutrons. but it couldn't travel far enough so rarely collide with another unstable nucleus.

but if however, a neutron hit other unstable nuclei then that nucleus split apart and it will also shoot other more neutrons and with increasing concentration increases the probability of shooting neutron to the unstable nucleus. The concentration where the reaction sustains itself is called critical mass and the reaction then called a chain reaction. with every reaction, the other is initiated and releases plenty of energy and radiation and it continues until the unstable material is used.

Fusion bomb

it also works on the nuclear principle. in the fission process, the nucleus of an atom was split, but here two nuclei merge to form one nucleus and it releases a tremendous amount of energy. 

the biggest source of energy known to us is our sun and other stars like the sun which radiate energy, the amount of energy that our sun sends towards earth in one hour is equivalent to our whole world's consumption of electricity for an entire year. for us, it is solar energy but for the sun it is nuclear energy. inside the sun's core, it is too much pressure so that four hydrogen atom merge to form one helium atom and it radiates energy in the form of light. it is called the nuclear fusion process.

A pure fusion bomb hypothetically a hydrogen bomb where fission takes place for initialing for fusion so it is like a combination of both.

Countries with nuclear weapons

Nuclear weapon.

Unites state: during world war II, US-developed 1st nuclear bomb in collaboration with UK and Canada under the project named "manhattan" and they successfully tested it on 26 July 1945 at trinity. after that US is the only country to use nuclear weapons till date.

Soviet union: The soviet union successfully tested its first nuclear weapon in 1949. the soviet union was the second country to have nuclear weapons. along with that they also tested the most explosive bomb ever produced by man king "Tsar bomb".

United Kindom: they did thair test in 1952, & become 3rd country to have nuclear power after the united states and the soviet union. they also tested its first hydrogen bomb in 1957.

France: France successfully tested it's a first nuclear weapon in 1960 and tested the hydrogen bomb in 1968.

China: china tested its first nuclear weapon in 1962 at "lop nur". just after 32 months, they tested a hydrogen bomb in 1967. it is the shortest fission to fusion development in history.

India: India tested dit's first nuclear weapon on 18 May 1974 under the operation "smiling buddha" at Pokhran Rajasthan.

Pakistan: Pakistan did its first nuclear weapon test on 28 May 1988 at Baluchistan.

North Korea: North Korea did its nuclear test on 9 October 2006 at "kilju humgyong".

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Saturday, 8 August 2020

How to use sun rays for our health?

How to use sun rays for our health?

Yoga and Sun

The sun is considered a god in many religions. Including Hinduism and ancient Egypt has been made the sun as a basis for religion because the sun is the most important source of life and energy on earth.

The Rig Veda says " सूर्य आत्मा जगतस्त अथुशराच" meaning the Sun is the soul of the world. As the sun rises the living beings on the earth experience refreshing and new energy. When the sun rises the cold and harmful germs are removed from the earth. In astrology, the Sun is considered to be the causal planet for glory and honor.

It is believed that a person who offers water to the rising sun becomes brilliant and had a glorious skin. The sun is an important source of energy for all living beings.

According to the Nucleo Cosmo Chronology, the Sun is believed to have formed about five billion years ago. The sun between 2,000 and 28,000 light-years from the center of our galaxy. Its diameter is near the pole is 10 km smaller than its equatorial diameter.

The diameter of the sun is 16,8,000 kilometers. Its fetal temperature is 1.5 million Kelvin. At such high temperatures, the embryonic substance is in the plasma. The surface temperature of the sun is 6000 Kelvin.

Sun and Earth:

The Sun's massive size is approximately 2,6,300 times larger than that of the Earth. From a scientific point of view, the distance between the sun and the earth is about 150,000,000 kilometers. When sunrise It takes only 3 minutes and 10 seconds for sunlight to reach on the earth.

Sun Rays & Jungle

Life on Earth:

Almost all living beings on earth depend on sunlight. The effect of sunlight on plant chlorophyll and its effects on animal cells are well known.Sunlight has been an important contributor to the biological disposal of the carcasses of various animals, including animals, and the maintenance of the health of the environment.

Dead bodies are dumped in rivers after cremation in rivers across India, with sunlight it is making a significant contribution to the purification and disinfection of lake and river water.

Even today, when the 100% sanitation free campaign is launched in India, sunlight has made a significant contribution to the purification of feces arising from open defecation away from the residence. Which has stopped the outbreak of the epidemic. Insects live longer in the atmosphere due to the absence of sunlight in winter cold and monsoons thus increasing the chances of cold-cough and other waterborne diseases. The incidence of infectious diseases decreases in summer due to sunlight and its heat.

Sun rays:

This band of radiation power, including humans, can be divided into five regions in wavelength and increasing order.

Ultraviolet A Rays:

Ultraviolet A Rays are also invisible to the human eye. These rays reach very little on the surface of the earth. This spectrum of radiation has antiseptic properties that are used in disinfectant lamps.

Ultraviolet B rays:

Ultraviolet B radiation is highly absorbed by the Earth's atmospheric matter and causes the photochemical process leading to the production of ozone with ultraviolet that directly damages and causes DNA but is also essential for the synthesis of vitamin D in skin and mammal fur.
Ultraviolet Radiation:

Ultraviolet band rays are considered to be less harmful to DNA and are therefore useful in cosmetic artificial sun scanning and treatment for psoriasis.
Visible range or light:

Light that can be seen with the naked eye is called visual light. It is the strongest output range of the Sun's total integrity spectrum. Many animals can see radiation with a sensitivity of about 200 to 300 nanometers.

Infrared radiation:

It is an important part of the electromagnetic radiation that reaches the earth.


Sunbathing is a popular recreational activity. In beaches, open air, swimming pools, gardens, and sidewalk cafes, a limited number of people are exposed to direct sunlight, and some people use tanning beds as an alternative to sunbathing. Which produces ultraviolet light and can be used regardless of weather conditions. Tanning beds have been banned in many states of the world. Sunbathing or artificial ultraviolet light increases the dark pigment molanocytes inside the skin cells.

Effect of sun rays:

Ultraviolet radiation in sunlight has both positive and negative health effects, as it is the main source of vitamin D3. So the sun's ultraviolet radiation is the main cause of skin cancer.

Direct exposure to sunlight is biologically necessary for the formation of vitamin D from cholesterol in the skin. This important combination is needed to build strong bones and strong muscles in the body.

People with darker skin and darker skin than white have more and denser pigments called melanin, which naturally acts as a sunscreen and protects against the side effects of the sun's rays.

For people with white skin, 15 to 30 minutes of sunlight a week is enough for vitamin D. More vitamin-D can be obtained in less time in the afternoon than in the morning. Vitamin D is required for direct exposure to 30 minutes to three hours of sunlight in people with brown or dark skin.

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Friday, 7 August 2020

Gold is not just investment!

Gold is not just investment!

Gold has an important place in India not only as a means of investment but also socially and emotionally. People of any class, especially women, are attracted to gold glitter. India alone consumes 30% of the world's produced annually. At the time of writing, the price of gold has risen by almost 60% in one year to over 57,000 / 10 grams. So let's talk about this yellow metal that we love so much.

Why do we love gold?

More than 50% of the total gold production is used in jewelry making. India is the second-largest consumer of gold after China, so India has a profound impact on the gold market. Out of the total gold mined so far, Indian women have accumulated 24000-25000 tons of gold (total household gold) over time. Festivals and weddings are the main occasions for buying gold. Especially buying gold at weddings culturally woven with us. Gold gifts to bride and groom, their relatives, and to their children from time to time is a common social convention. The more the bride is decorated with gold in the wedding, the more she is considered to be the subject of auspiciousness and prestige. A typical Indian wedding has 2 to 3 kg of gold on display. At a time when women were mainly doing housework, there was no other way to earn a living independently of their husbands. The gold she got at the time of her marriage was his personal property. This is one of the reasons why women are more attached to the gold particularly to the gold received from her father. There are hundreds of examples of parents who have become debtors to give their daughter the right amount of gold. Gold has been the cause of the bride’s respect among in-laws at home, the domination of other women, etc. It also gives the woman a sense of financial freedom. Even today, the old grandmother of the house remembers how much gold she and other relatives got in their marriage! This golden culture of marriage has to endure on blackness like dowry. The entire savings of the parents is spent only in marriage. Society is improving in this regard but as compared to the huge increase in literacy rate and such improvements are not significant.

Indian bride

Whether women are financially independent or well educated, the majority of them are crazy behind gold. Because for the Indian woman gold is like a peacock's bouquet for its beauty. Who doesn't like to wear gold! It is a different pleasure to wear gold like different kinds of clothes and part of the status symbol. Men are also fond of gold to some extent. In addition to jewelry, various places such as watches, glasses, pens and sometimes even in the car people add golden color to show their reputation, hobbies, etc.

Gold in the temple.

Another reason to buy gold is savings. Investing is an easy and almost profitable and non-volatile solution. In times of trouble, it acts as a fence. There are also religious festivals that play a significant role in Indian gold consumption. Everyone has the spirit of offering this wonderful thing to the deity. As a result, millions of gold donations are received today in all the big and small religious institutions of the country. Padmanabha Swami Temple of Kerala, Tirupati Temple of Tamilnadu, Shirdi, and Siddhivinayak temple of Maharashtra owns a significant amount of gold.

Gold in the pages of History

Ancient Roman and Indian Gold coins

When the "barter system" was in place in the world, gold was used as an important commodity in exchanges. For example, the people of Kerala used to take gold in exchange for pepper spice. That is why gold is so dear to the people even today. Kerala alone accounts for about 15% of the country's total gold consumption. (Lord Padmanabhaswamy is also from Kerala which owns gold worth Rs. 90,000 crore!). Gold coins were minted to signify the king's prosperity. Gold has been a symbol of purchasing power and is still a symbol of the country's economic strength. Whether it is the tombs of Egypt, the churches of European countries, the temples of India, the mosques of the Arab countries, the Buddhist stupas of China, kings of the past have stored a significant amount of gold.

Around everything, a world of science for its proper use, violence for abuse, and art for pleasure is formed. The art of sculpting, inlaying, and plating around gold has flourished in Europe and Asia for thousands of years. Art of jewelry designing and jewelry making are still important today. In India, the work of filling gold wire in clothes i.e. Zardoshi art is also a part of the golden world. So many kings patronized these arts and incorporated in their palaces to give golden touch. In literature, words like golden jubilee, golden era are used as metaphors for excellence which reflects the importance of gold. In addition to gold jewelry, gold is useful in industries such as space tools, computer chips, etc. The yellow metal is painted blood drops for ages. Wars for gold, thefts, fights, family quarrels, exploitation, etc. revolves around the gold in the pages of history. In India, traders have cheated common people by mixing other metals for so many years. Today, gold is the mother of the disease of smuggling.
Gold investment: Hedge for uncertain times

Gold is a major component of India's trade deficit. Gold is the second-most purchased overseas commodity after oil.\ which increases the economic burden. The vast majority of Indians are not connected to the banking sector, so they consider investing in a traditional system like gold as safe. In India, gold is mainly bought physically. The main reasons for this are the love of jewelry and the secrecy of investment (the cure for black money). Domestic gold prevents rolling of money. it just stays in the vaults which are not beneficial for anyone. Other solutions are bonds issued by ETFs and the government bonds. These methods do not involve the risk of gold theft or poor quality. But an investment broker is needed as an intermediary.

Gold has been the only hedge for savings for years in uncertain times. Today many small industrial units are running through such difficult times on gold loans. When we are facing social and economic uncertainties everywhere gold is becoming the first choice for the investors. Factors such as falling interest rates, the Corona epidemic, US-China tensions have eroded public confidence in the market and investors are turning towards gold. Due to the increase in demand, the price of gold is increasing. But on the other hand, the jewelry market is in a deep slum. Such fluctuations in gold may not be of many benefits in the long run. According to expert advice, if 10 to 20 percent of your total savings or investment is in gold, it will benefit you and the country in the long run. But among the reasons such as bank scams, global epidemics, people's confidence in other options is not as high as gold. 

Every child in India inherits the gold glitter. Gold is a symbol and tool of prosperity, prestige, domination as well as exploitation, violence, lust, jealousy, etc. Giving a gift of gold to one's daughter or wife is an indestructible means of expressing a man's love. If the rise in gold prices hurts more than the rise in the price of household commodities because it widens the gap to the fulfillment of a hidden desire to have gold! Scientifically, gold, despite having a large atomic weight, is the most stable metal and is found freely in nature. According to one theory, gold originates from meteorite collisions or the splitting of stars (Jules Verne's wrote the beautiful novel on the same topic "The Chase of the Golden Meteor"). The amount of gold is limited. According to a report, gold equivalent to about 20.3 meters size cube is left. So it is estimated that the gold mines will be closed by 2075. But gold does not perish like oil after use, so it will exist for a long time. But future generations need to limit their desire of gold and nation should try to cultivate confidence in the other means of the investments. However, we like to introduce ourselves as a "golden sparrow" and will continue to do so!

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Thursday, 6 August 2020

Unmanned Arial Vehicles : history, Usage & applications

Unmanned Arial Vehicles 

remote-controlled drone 

         UAVs are those aircraft with no pilot on board. UAVs can be remotely controlled or can fly autonomously on the predefined programmed path. UAVs are widely used for many applications among so many sectors. Sometimes it is said as "UAS" unmanned Ariel system to reflect the fact that this requires a complex system that includes ground stations and other elements. people many times misinterpret UAV as a drone but actually, the drone comes under the UAVs & UAV serves as an umbrella term for all such kinds of aerial vehicles.


surveillance drone

        The earliest recorded use of UAVs dates back to 1849 when the Austrians attacked the Italian city of Venice using unmanned balloons that were loaded with explosives. it was Without any control or monitoring systems but one of the first in terms of using Arial flight without any pilot or human intervention. this lead to mankind to think about such kind of aerial vehicle system that they can run without any pilots, in order to reduce human loss especially in the battlefield and we have observed that this came out initially as a military product & after lots of variation and updating now also used in commercial services but still hold the major application in military service.

up-scaling & its Role in military 

combat military UAV

         There has been lots of research and invention during the early 1900s. in 1915, the Britishers used such kind of aerial vehicles against the germans to detect their military activities and operations. by the time US had done much research and came up with first pilotless aircraft later on US mary created UAV called "Kettering bug" followed by "Curtis "
After that  Israeli airforce also done a lot in military drone applications and successfully developed high-end military combat and surveillance drones that they used against the Syrian aircraft and won the war, thereafter UAVs seek a lot of interest among the world masses
More recently, in 2000 the U.S deployed the Predator drone in Afghanistan while searching for Osama Bin Laden.

Usage & applications 

     Aerial photography: it is one of the most used tasks for which drones are used. whether it is the military application or commercial use due to its high ability to meet requirements it is widely used. earlier it was done by helicopter or cranes which was very expensive. in sports industries, it is also used for the live broadcast of matches from various angles
    Shipping: aerial delivery by drones is the future of modern delivery systems. the key benefits are saving in manpower, escaping road traffic, more certain delivery timings. many companies like Amazon, DHL & FedEx are in favor of drone delivery.

logistic drone

     Geo-mapping: mapping is a huge task and requires skilled people but with the use of drones it can be done in quite less time and fewer efforts, high-resolution cameras, and sensors will help to accurately catch the data & generate virtual maps

    Disaster management: we have seen military & administration uses drones in a hard time such as flood or fire outbreak to reach people and share them food, medicine, or emergency kits. drones due to their small size can easily reach hard to reach places and save lives 

   Agriculture: drones are used to monitor crops and to spread pesticides and fertilizer over schedule times and also an infrared sensor is used to check crops' health & let farmers react quickly. 
    law enforcement: Drones can be used for maintaining the law. They help in the surveillance of large crowds. They assist in monitoring criminal and illegal activities.

  industrial inspections: in industries like petrochemicals & fertilizers inspection is a huge & time-consuming task, which is previously done by humans some part of it can be shifted towards the drones, as it can easily reach every corner of the plant and also detects a gas leak and fire fumes with sensors, which contrarily can't be determined by the human naked eye.


    science & research: many scientists and researchers are started using drones in their work for many tasks such as data collection, information gathering. As drones are versatile and by using various sensors along with them they can be tailored to meet any kind of research needs.

      Mining:  factor in favor of drones is, cheaper in comparison to a helicopter that was previously used in the mining industry to get the aerial perspective. with its mapping ability, it provides flexibility. and can be scheduled multiple trips in a day to track the mining targets.  

    Advertising: Drones can also be used as a physical medium of advertising by displaying banners or holdings at live concerts or high traffic areas.

      live entertainment: Disney had filed so many drone patents for entertainment purposes. drones are used innovatively in the entertainment sector such as Synchronized lights shows, floating projection screens 

     Tourism: Many luxurious tourism and hotel chain started using drones for serving their guests around the vicinity of thair landmark and providing them luxurious adventure and also to deliver packages and room service quickly and autonomously.

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Tuesday, 4 August 2020

How can parents enrich their kids' education?

    How can parents enrich their kids' education?

    We are all confused today when the school/college is closed indefinitely due to the Corona epidemic. No one knows when school/college will start. However, there is a hope that maybe after July this year, there will be a boom in schools/colleges. Even though we may be wrong, only positive thoughts can help us move forward in life. Our world has faced a lot of negativity since the Corona epidemic, so don't create an overly negative environment anymore.

     The Corona epidemic has changed the world 360 degrees. There was a time when it was the parents' responsibility to find a school that provided good facilities and a good education. But now that the school is closed, what should the parents do? Almost everything has been closed for the last six months around the world. Yes, public life is slowly becoming normal but the days of school start will not come as easily as said above.

    What should parents do at such times so that the future of their children is not compromised?


Facilities have to be set up at home.

facilities at home 
      The Gujarat High Court has ruled that school fees should be paid at a time when there is a tussle between parents and school management over school fees. So many people have questions that all the facilities should be set up at home and the fees should be given to the school? But the school's argument is not wrong at all. Since the school session opened, the teachers have been continuously teaching with online, PowerPoint presentations. School is closed, not education. Just as everything is unfamiliar and new to students, so is everything new to teachers.
    The children's side has the same questions as the teachers have borne the expenses ranging from data usage to new mobiles. The hands and eyes of small children are constantly around the screen. But what to do? Time is of the essence.
    You may have paid any fees in the past but you will not be able to use the school's facilities when the school is closed. Today the theory of work from home has become popular in the same way the theory of school from home or home school has become popular. As a parent, you must provide your children with an Internet connection, a mobile phone, or a laptop. Parents should make it a priority for the child to understand video lectures well and learn without any hindrance.

    Online Education Sources 

Online Education

    If the child is studying till primary, then the video lectures given by the school will prove to be enough for that, but when the child is in the important years of his life, it will not be just school videos. Especially in countries like India where some courses are specially designed for children preparing for competitive exams like IIT and NEET. There are many benefits to attending this course and the biggest benefit is that there will be no questions about children's careers. 

Guardian's eye.

Parent's eye 
        As a parent, it doesn't end there when you provide all the facilities. Because the world of mobile, computer or the internet is just as attractive for children. It is especially important to know how to protect children who are in their teens from adult sites. The importance of parent lock increases here. Often a child enters the world of violent websites or games. This time too the importance of parental control increases. If this duty as a parent is neglected, your child's life will change direction.

The value of time has to be explained.

Time is money
     Also, in school, children have to follow a routine or timetable. Which cannot be done at home? When the child is happy, he will sit down to study, the rest will go to sleep or sit down to eat. And especially for a young child who is still learning life lessons, this time of online learning is going to be difficult. Essential qualities like discipline and punctuality do not develop from her life, so the parent has to be aware of this problem and explain the value of time to the children.

Health awareness

Health Awareness 
        Online education means sitting in one place in front of the screen. Constant sitting in this way has a bad effect on health. The first effect is on the eyes. In general today the eyes of many children are already weak. So now it is mandatory to sit in front of the screen to damage the eyes. Also, the problem of obesity in children has become ubiquitous today. Constant sitting will cause obesity problem. Also, due to the constant online lectures and videos, children do not have time to go to the ground. Also, constant loneliness at home can be detrimental to one's mental health and may not lead to a sense of community.
COVID Challenge 

        The role of a guardian remains important at such times. It is important to be aware of how eye care can be done by consulting a family doctor. Even if the number of video lectures is high, children will have to be placed on the ground to preserve their bodies. And when the kids connect with each other on the ground, they don't feel like they're alone.

        Times have changed so have the challenges. But he kept on accepting it. If we don't accept, we will have to suffer. And still what will be the time of post corona? It cannot be imagined. So let's wake up now so we don't have to regret it in the future.

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