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Saturday, 11 July 2020

5G effects, Key Consideration, Know Its Myths and Facts


5G Network

• 5G provides higher bandwidth & high data rates with remarkably less delays during transmission of signals. 

• The new 5G technology comes with a variety of new applications like: humanoid robots,
autonomous vehicles, connected cars. 
• The use of latest technology like millimeter waves and small cells helps deliver data at speeds less than 1 millisecond.

• The millimeter wave uses high frequency. This usually varies from 30 to 300 giga hertz.  

• At this frequency these waves can not penetrate through walls or other obstacles. That is why small cells are used at network towers to maintain a dense network range.  

• Countries like USA, Australia and Japan have banned huawei from building a 5G network. 

• One of the main reasons of ban is that: Chinese intelligence law compels companies to gather and turn over data on foreign citizens.


• Expiration recommended dates before which the utilisation of a product will reap the best benefits.

• Every product undergoes research and development phase, wherein storage studies and stability tests are conducted.

• These tests are trial and error based and rely on hypotheses determined by the R&D team.


• These dates are not completely refrigerated and goods reliable as unrefrigerated may deteriorate at different rates.

• Expiration dates simply give us information about the peak of a product and do not indicate if foods become completely inedible after a date.

• However, it is very important to refer and adhere to the guidelines provided on the storage and for temperature instructions foods.

How Local Farmers Can Gain Profits

• Modi government's stimulus package announced several reforms aimed at economically uplifting the farm sector including the enforcement of a standard mechanism for predictable crop pricing.

• The Essential Commodities Act was amended to deregulate trade in farm produce, removing stock limits which previously prevented traders from storing food surpluses.

• A new law will allow barrier-free interstate trade of farm produce and the freedom to sell directly or online to provide farmers with a nationwide market.

What do these reforms change?

• Previously, farmers' inability to sell directly to consumers prevented them from gaining profits; the removal of middlemen is expected to "boost income".

• Removal of stock limits will free up the market for commodities and encourage more processing, which will lead to better prices for farmers.

• The government will also invest in animal husbandry, which has higher returns than plant-based agriculture, to help farmers withstand 'boom and bust'cycles of crop pricing.

5G  Mythbusters

The radiation from the Sun is much more dangerous than 5G"

Life has evolved on Earth over millions of years with the natural radiation from the sun.
Many of our biological processes rely on it e.g. our ability to produce vitamin D and our serotonin production which helps to regulate our circadian rhythms.

We do know though that too much exposure to the radiation from the Sun can be harmful. But the beauty of that is we can regulate how much time we spend in the Sun.

5G Myth

There is no 'Conclusive' evidence 5G is harmful to health

5G Fact

A large body of data from laboratory & epidemiological studies shows previous & present generations of wireless networking technology have significant adverse health impacts

5G Myth

Radiation from sun is much stronger than radiation from 5G.

5G Fact

The sun's natural radiation provides critical frequencies that play an important role in our health & well-being. Wireless devices use pulsed RF signals, not found in nature, which are responsible for harmful biological effects.

5G Myth

5G will lead to new pandemic.

5G Fact

This is totally a theorericals aspects. This may lead to lag in public health and safety. It may happen that public might stop any information and advice regarding health and disease. Well 5G might help to have wider coverage and more tranmistt power than any other cellular stations.

5G Myth

No regulation and Control over 5G

5G Fact

There are telecommunications regulatory bodies with some guidelines and rules like International Telecommunication Union( ITU), a United Nation Organisation(UNO) to coordibated with the global use of radio spectrum and development of these communication with technical standards.

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Tuesday, 30 June 2020

India Banned Tik Tok and 58 Other China App, Know Alternative to these Apps

India Banned Tik Tok and 58 Other China App, Know Alternative to these Apps

India Banned TikTok and 58 Other apps which were of china origin. This is merely in response to allegations of misuse of data, and the transfer of said data outside the country. Well sharing data outside is something which harms the sovereignty and integrity of India

Ravi Shankar Prasad, Law & Justice, Communications, Electronics & Information Technology Minister Of India said that "For safety Security, defense, sovereignty and integrity of India and to protect the data and privacy of India, the government have banned 59 mobile apps".

Alternative To banned Apps


Tik Tok
UC Browser
Clash Of Kings
YouCam Makeup
Baidu Map
Du Battery Saver
Mi community
CM Browsers
APUS Browser
Virus Cleaner
Club Factory
Beauty PLus
UC News
Es File Explorer
QQ Music
QQ Mail
QQ Newsfeed
Bigo Live
Parallel Space
Mail Master
Mi Video Call - Xiaomi
Viva Video - QU Video Inc.
Vigo Video
New Video Status
DU Recorder
Vault - Hide
Cache Cleaner DU App Studio
DU cleaner
DU browser
Hago Play with New friends
Sweet Selfie
Wonder camera
Photo Wonder
DU privacy
We Meet
Clean Master - Cheetah Mobile
Baidu translate
U Video
QQ International
QQ Security Center
QQ Launcher
V Fly Status Video
Mobile Legends
QQ Player

tiktok ban


The move, however, comes after the worst clashes in decades between the two nations , leading many to speculate it as a response to Chinese aggression at the LAC.

Moreover, the frequently used Section 69A of the IT Act, under which this was done, is not normally accompanied with announcement and is done in secret.

The announcement and the timing, along with the past precedent of such actions, may strongly suggest that it is politically motivated retaliation against China.


This move is bound to cause harm - the question, however, is who will be to carry the burden; for now, it looks like it would be the app developers and Indian consumers.

Tik Tok, for instance, would lose a 120 million Indian consumers, but countless users new to the internet who use the platform to either earn or support their businesses would also lose an invaluable platform do so.


The majority of the negative consequences would be borne by consumers and developers, with the Chinese government or China's GDP being left relatively unscathed.

Retalliation from their front is likely, but because of the motivation behind said decision; not because their economy is "hurt".

This, then, may truly be a political message and a push to the 'Aatmanirbhar Bharat' campaign as Indian counterparts of the applications get handed a comparatively competition-free industry.


Despite the larger implications, a major source of concern for the average user is having to find suitable alternatives; fortunately, these exist.

Tik Tok's Indian counterparts Chingari and Mitron are freely available on the Google Play Store and have been gaining traction; the former has 2.5 mn downloads.

Users of UC Browser and DU Browser could switch to browsers such as Safari and Google Chrome; for an Indian alterenative, the JioBrowser has a layout similar to UC.

Helo, Bigo Live, Vigo Video, VMate, Kwai

Alternative: Mitron and Chingari

UC Browser, DU Browser, Cm Browser and APUS Browser

Alternative: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Also Jio Browser.

YouCAm Makeup, BeautyPlus and Photo Wonder

Alternative: B16 - Beauty & Filter Camera

SHAREit and Xender

Alternative: Super Beam. Can also use Wifi Direct, NFC or QR codes for transfering and sharing large files.

360 Security

Alternative: Bitfender Mobile security and Antivirus


Alternative: The Norton App


Alternative: Adobe Scan, PDF scanner with OCR

ES File Explorer

Alternative: Files by Google: Clean Up space on your phone" and File Commande File Manager & Free Cloud.


Alternative: Myntra

Mi Video Call

Alternative: WhatsApp

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Thursday, 25 June 2020

Corona Virus( COVID-19) Top Vaccine Candidates

Corona Virus( COVID-19) Top Vaccine Candidates

Ever since COVID-19 outbreak, laboratories around the world have been busy creating vaccines and undergoing trials.

Several companies and governments doubled their efforts to find a permanent cure.

Apart from individual progression, world leaders and organizations, excluding the United States pledged $ 8 billion to research, manufacture and distribute a vaccine and treatment for the virus.


 Here are some of the top vaccine candidates

Ad5nCoV Vaccine 

• Adenovirus Type 5 Vector, an advanced DNA vaccine is named as the top contender for COVID-19 by the WHO.

• It's developed by using both Chinese and Canadian technology and is Co-developed by the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology Biologics Inc. (BIB) and CanSino Genetically engineered defective adenovirus type 5 vector was replication used to express the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein which  is grown using living cells.

 Remdesivir Vaccine 

• Dr. Anthony Fauci of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) said that the trial for Remdesivir produced a 'clear cut positive effect in diminishing time to recover.

• Vaccinated people had recovered from COVID-19 in just 11 days compared to the control group that took 15 days.

• Remdesivir has shown promising results in the treatment of other coronavirus diseases such as SARS and MERS.


• This vaccine is being developed by Oxford University and supported by the British Pharma company, Astrazeneca.

• The company stated that it would roll out up to 2 billion doses in September.

• The vaccine uses a replication-deficient chimpanzee viral vector based on a weakened version of a common cold (adenovirus) virus that causes infections in chimpanzees.  It has been modified to work on humans and contains the genetic material of SARS-COV-2 spike protein.

 • The vaccine has already progressed into phase II / III trials involving 10,000 people from the UK.  

MRNA-1273 Vaccine 

• This experimental vaccine is created by one of the leading US companies, Moderna Inc.

• The vaccine has received approval from the FDA to proceed with the phase II clinical trial.

• The phase II trial will evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of two MRNA-1273 vaccinations.

 Inovio's Vaccine 

• Before the outbreak, the company was in the process of creating a DNA vaccine for MERS.  Resultantly, developed a potential vaccine for SARS- the company swiftly CoV-2.

• The vaccine (INO-4800) targets the Spike protein, a surface antigen that causes COVID-19.

• Phase II / II clinical trials will take place this summer.
• Sanofi is developing COVID-19 vaccine with GlaxoSmithKline and Translate Bio.

• GSK's proprietary adjuvants are being used, which is a compound that boosts immune response, allowing less vaccine to be used for each person.

• Sanofi predicts to get approved by the FDA soon and states that Phase III trial for the vaccine could begin in December or January, 2021.

• Sanofi and Translate Bio have multiple MRNA vaccine candidates against COVID-19 in preclinical testing and will start a first human trial in the fourth quarter of this year.

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Monday, 25 May 2020

12 Self Improvement tips to get success in life; Try it once or else you will regret


You must have heard many times from people that they are not happy with their life and they are not able to get succeed. Nothing is being done by them.

Sometimes it also happens that we may also think to improve our life and that is thinking of self-improvement through some Motivational Videos and quotes.

But there may be so many things to be done that none of it works at at time because it becomes clumsy and gets demotivated. So you leave it aside.

But here we have some self-improvement topics which are very simple and will be helpful to make your life better.

Can help in making the best, So let's see!!!!

Self Improvement tips

1) Self control

To bring self-improvement, it is necessary to have control of oneself in life. Like you have to control bad habits in your life and pay full attention to your work. Give yourself time and think about which things are being missed and how to control them. Therefore it is very important to have self control.

2) Be confident in yourself

For self-improvement, it is also necessary to have confidence in yourself, just like self-control is necessary. Whatever is to be done must be done with confidence. Never doubt yourself and for whatever work you do, find a simple way. I can only do this in my mind. Therefore, it is necessary to have confidence for self improvement in life.

3) Stay away from negative people and surround yourself with positive people

If you look around, you come in contact with a lot of people.  But there may be very few people who appreciate your work and your greatness. They always give you good ideas and better understanding. But there may be others who always pushes you back, demotivates you. We have to live more with positive thinking people.  Pay attention to their words and do good things. And people with negative thinking should be avoided. In this way you can improve yourself.

4) Accept the past and move to new opportunities

We all have our past.  And it can be bad at times. But we should not sit around with that past, but rather should move on by adopting our past and flaws. And focus on new work.

5) Learn everyday something new

We have to learn something new everyday. Something that has never been done is to be learned, which will help not to lag behind on any work. And we can live a successful life. One should meet new people and learn something which is new to you and may be they are experts in it.

6) Get new challenges in life

We have to learn new and adopt new challenges every day. We have to do something in which we get some new challenges every day and you will have to struggle a lot to complete that challenge but it will bring self improvement.

7) Decide your goals

Self improvement is the most important thing to set your goal. Because if you do not know the goal, then you will not be able to do anything about it. And when the goal is set, you will work hard to achieve it. Therefore, to make life good, it is necessary to set goals.

8) Increase your mental power and physical power

We have to improvise the body first to get self-improvement. We have to take full care of our health.  We have to be good: mentally and physically. To be good mentally, read books, listening music and do such things that you can take care of your mental health. Physically, you exercise and do more yoga. Some of the most useful for self-improvement are yoga and self-care.

9) Accept your weakness

We must know our flaws and accept it. When we come to know our shortcomings, we have to move ahead by adopting it and now we have to take care that we do not have any problem with it. That is try to vanish your weakness.

10) Love yourself

We have to love ourselves. You don't have to doubt yourself by looking at others. Have attitude and think that you are the best. Taking care of yourself is to love yourself. Never think that I am weak or I am missing something.  Love yourself, the way you are.

11) Stop wasting time

This is the most important point. You must have heard many times from people that I am wasting time and I do not have time. Actually these are the people who do not appreciate time or are unable to do anything. People waste time lying empty and later grieve themselves. But we do not have to waste time, rather a schedule has to be made and run according to it, as if you walk according to that time table, then your time will not be waste.

12) Be Limitless

Yes this sounds very energetic! Of course in today's challenging world making yourself limitless is very important. Make a practice of doing things in which you have set limit, break the limit and be limitless.

I hope that all these tips for self improvement will come in handy and you can lead a successful and good life.

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Friday, 22 May 2020

Top 5 Programming Languages To Learn in 2020; Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, SQL

Top 5 Programming Languages To Learn ; Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, SQL

The most important and basic thing in today's world is the knowledge of computer. The human life is  all surrounded by the computer and its usage in day to day life. Computer entered the world: organisation, institution, industry, shopping malls, and lot more. The ease of storing information is due to computers. Pen and papers have gone. 

With this have you ever thought of getting any cold drinks of your choice, just by saying it when you enter shops? Yes! Just by speaking to the computer, in a language that a computer can easily understand. Here come the role of software engineers, Programmers, Web developers and more that relies on coding.

Programming language is one of the most important four career. When it comes to programming, it comes up with great features that are suited for different categories(Beginners, Intermediate, Advance) and for various application(Web application, Mobile application, Game development)

But the question is: Which programming language should i learn? 

Around 700 programming languages are available, and the popularity of these languages changes every year and of course its demand fluctuates. 

Here comes the top 5 Programming Languages to be learned:


Python is the most common language among the beginners and intermediate programmer. It started as scripting language but now used for so many purposes. It is a multi-purpose programming language.
Python is easiest programming language to learn, and even person fro  non-IT background can also easily read the syntax of programming language. Doesn't matter if you are a beginner or advance programmer.

Netflix telling you to watch next that is what python is!
Amazon recommending you what to buy is what Python is!

Many libraries and framework are available. Large number of community support and open sources are available. 
You Tube, Survey Monkey are build on Python. Even social media like Instagram, Pinterest are also build on Python.

Time duration of learning: 3 Months

Data Science
Game Development, 
Web Development, 
Computer Vision, 
Machine Learning.

To start Learning: Click Here

Java Script

The Demand of Java Script is increasing day by day because it is usable for both back and front end programming.
Java is the core technology for programming of Word Wide Web. It is highly versatile, which gives a richer interface to a website. 
Plenty of resources and an mammoth of community support are available. It works exceptionally well with other programming languages. 

Facebook Time line updates on your screening is Java Script!
Google suggesting term when you type a few letter in search bar is Java Scrip!

Time duration of learning: 2 months

Dynamic web pages.
Web Development
Mobile App Development
Backend Development
Browser Game Development
Serverless Computing

To start Learning: Click Here


Java is the most common language, both in service based and product based company. It is used for application as well as software development. It has great community support and free resources available online. 
Java is called the "workhorse" of programming. Java is able to work over a network without mattering of what operating system the user is running. Google has built an Java-Based Android Development framework-Android Studio.

Time duration of learning: 2-6 Months

Big Data
Web Development
Android Development
Enterprise Application Development

To start Learning: Click here


C# is developed by Microsoft. Companies like Wipro and TCS use this as an enterprise solution for their clients. It is a Java influenced programming language. 
Java is designed specifically for use with the Windows OS, fully integrated with .NET library.
It runs on a virtual machine. It is high level language as it doesn't compile into assembly. but to byte-code.
C# is object and component oriented programming language. Has rich sets of library functions and data types.

Time duration of learning: 2-3 Months.

Windows application
Server-Side programming
Web Development
Web Apps
Software for windows platform
Game Development
Windows Mobile Phone Apps Development

To start Learning: Click here


Structures Query Language is a standard language for storing, manipulating and retrieving data in database.
Standard SQL commands: "Insert", " Select", "Update", "Delete", "Create" and "Drops" accomplish everything that one needs to do in a database.
Common rational database management systems that use SQL are: Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL server, Acess, Ingres, etc.

Time duration of learning: 2-4 Months

Writing data integration scripts
Settling and running analytical query
Retrieve subjects of information within a database
Transacting, processing, adding, updating, deleting rows and columns of data in a database.

To start Learning: Click here

Other Programming Languages are:
Type Script
R Programming Language

  "Get Enrolled Today and Learn More"
"Can Change Career"

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