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Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Gujarat Board SSC Result 2021

SSC Result: Result of 8.57 lakh students of Std. 10, only 4 students of Dang got A1 grade, 26809 in Mathematics and 20865 students in Science got A1 grade.

  1. 1,73,732 students pass with grazing mark
  2. After Surat, 2056 students of Rajkot got A1 grade
  3. Students will have to get results from the school

Mass promotions were given to standard 10 students due to the Koro epidemic. The result has been announced tonight at 8pm after the mass promotion. However, only schools will be able to see this result. Students will have to get results from the school. Results will be available on from 8 p.m. Schools will have to prepare a marksheet from the online result and give it to the students. Even the schools which announced the result at 8 pm will now be able to see the result when the school starts at 8 am tomorrow.

27,913 students got A1 grade in social sciences, 26,809 students got A1 grade in mathematics, 20,865 students got A1 grade in science. While 1,73,732 students have passed with a grading mark.

The result of standard 10 has been declared by the education department late at 8 pm. Only schools can see this result. All schools can see the result by going to the board's website GSEB.ORG. But schools are also confused by the late announcement. Most schools are currently closed by 3-4 p.m. Schools will be able to see the results only when schools start tomorrow morning. There is a server error on the website when the school is also checking the website for the result.

Gujarat Board's website server down
Attempts have been made by some schools to know the result now. The server is coming down and the website does not open when I go to the board's website GSEB.ORG and check for the result. The sudden announcement of the result has put many schools and administrators in trouble.

The result can be seen only after going to school: Principal
HSK school principal RS Singh said, "When the result was declared at 8 am, I and all the staff of the school are at home now. If the result is announced suddenly, how can we see the result now?" Students' details and school details are also in the school office so that the result can be seen only after going to school.

Principal of Neema School Sahadev Singh said, "We were informed that the result would be declared at 8 am a short while ago. How can we see the result even though it was announced suddenly." The school is also closed now so we can see the results when we go to school tomorrow.

Results of students from 10,977 schools announced
1276 Government, 5325 Grant in Aid, 4331 Self Finance and 45 other schools were found in the state. A total of 10,977 schools have given this month promotion to regular students of Std-10. The result of which has also been announced.

Prepared marksheet on the basis of two Std. 9 and one Std. 10 examinations
The result of standard 10 is prepared from the result of the next three examinations. If 50 percent result is obtained in three exams, the result will be only 50 percent. If there are different marks in all the three examinations, such as 40 marks in one, 30 marks in the second and 70 marks in the third, then the marks will be given on average. Those who have got first class in Std. 9 can get first class in this.

Check Result Click Here

In simple language e.g. If you want ...

In the first periodical test of Std. 9, if you get 40 marks out of 50 in the subject of Mathematics, if you convert it to 40%, you get 16 marks.
In the second periodical test of Std. 9, if you get 40 marks out of 50 in the subject of Mathematics, if you convert it to 40%, you get 16 marks.
In the first periodic test of Std.
In the unit test of Std. 10, if we get 20 marks out of 25 in the subject of mathematics, if we convert it to 40%, it becomes 8 marks.
Result = 62.5 out of 80 marks

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Health benefits of exercises

Benefits of exercise

*Improves internal health and reduce the risk of chronic illness
* Exercises helps  you get stronger to prevent muscle injury and atrophy
*Reduce stress
*Improves mood swings and increases happiness
*Boosted self-confidence
*Promotes better sleep

*Physical activity can help prevent and manage type 2 diabetes .at least one out of three Americans will develop this disease in their lifetime

*Studies have found that exercising can reduce airway inflammation and useful in breathing 

*Strength training could help build strong bones and has been linked to a lower risk of osteoporosis

*People who exercise vigorously were found also have higher levels of mood -boosting vitamin-D probably because they spend more time out in the sun

*While the popular belief that exercise can increase your metabolism isn't true .it does burn calories

Exercise produces the hormones dopamine, endorphins and serotonin in the body. Which keeps the mood good and reduces stress. -Helps to prevent high blood pressure and control high blood pressure. -Exercise flushes out toxins from the body with sweat and opens the skin pores. Which makes the skin glow and the color shines. Muscles begin to weaken with age. Muscles become strong if regular exercise is done. -Exercise makes bones and muscles strong. Staying in the right posture makes the body feel slim and the spine stays straight. Which makes our length appear more. .
-Stretching makes the muscles of the knees, joints, neck and back flexible. Regular exercise relieves body pain. -Exercise makes the brain active. Which provides energy throughout the day. Exercising for 30 minutes daily improves mental and physical strength.-Regular exercise improves the body's metabolism. Which helps in burning calories and improving digestion. Weight also remains under control. -Exercise improves body function. It protects against diseases that occur with advancing age and we can stay healthy and young for a long time.
-Blood flow speeds up during exercise and slows down after exercise. This improves blood circulation in the body, which protects against many diseases. -Exercise every day leads to good and deep sleep.

The psychological benefits of exercise

-Regular exercise can relieve many people from anxiety and depression. -Exercise increases confidence. -Peace and cheerfulness of mind is maintained and mental health improves. Note- You can also do stretching and jogging instead of exercise. It can also benefit
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Monday, 28 June 2021

Healing herbs you can use everyday


ashwagandha is also called withania  lowers stress  hormones and can help with anxiety . may help depression. help with  muscle building can reduce blood sugar.may improve brain function ,including in alzheimer's patients.may kill cancer sales.may increase male fertility

lower cholesterol.improves sleep.helps with weight loss.anti - inflammatory.can help you under active thyroid


found to have the  highest antioxidant content all spices and an be used as a painkiller and been used for centuries to treat tooth  aches and gum pain .                                                                                       eases cold and allergies,and oils of cloves is useful as antiseptic in mouthwash


1/2 tsp has the amount of antioxidants as a quarter cup of almonds and four times antioxidant activity of blueberries ....go make salad and sprinkle on the oregano! oregano is rich in vitamin k, iron ,salmonella ,and virtually all food - borne pathogens.


over 50 antioxidants have been found in helps increase circulation, calm digestive problem      ginger has also used to treat food poisoning,shown to lower cholesterol  ,treat arthritis,reduce inflammation., and can be used to help increase insulin sensivity in diabetes.


plays an important role in regulating blood sugar in people with diabeties   clinical studies have shown a consistent intake of cinnamon daily help reduce glucose,triglyceride ,and LLD cholestrol with type II diabetes 


the bright neon yellow color comes from the phytochemical curcumin and can eliminate cancer cells , help reduce obesity ,and metabolic disease.  scientist have found by creating anew molecule from curcumin , called CNB-001,this molecule triggers the mechanisms that safe guard and restore brain cells after a stroke.


blocks HCAs or carcinogenic compounds found your favorite grilled meats
rosemary oil can improve cognitive performance and fight off free radical's that cause alzheimer's atroke , and dementia.


the compound AITC found in mustard seed is known to be an anti-cancer compound -this plant-compound is also found in  wasabi and horseradish. studies show that AITC stopped the growth of bladder cancer by 33%

lemon balm

produce it in your home and you will every time be second away from it .lemon balm is great for sleeplessness ans cold

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Government jobs: Indian Coast Guard announces recruitment of 350 sailors and mechanics

The Indian Coast Guard (IGC) has issued a notification for recruitment to the posts of Sailor (General Duty), Sailor (Domestic Branch) and Mechanical. A total of 350 vacancies will be recruited from this recruitment drive. The application process for this vacancy will start from 2nd July. Interested and eligible candidates can apply online through official website till July 16.


intrested Candidates applying for this post should have passed standard 10, 12. also Diploma holders in Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics and Telecommunication (Radio / Power) Engineering can also apply

Number of seats:350

 Sailor (General Duty) 260
 Sailor (Domestic Branch) 50 
Mechanical 20
Mechanical (Electric) 13

Important dates:

 Application process start date: July 2 
 Last date to apply: 16th July

Selection process

also Candidates applying for this post will be selected on the basis of written test, physical fitness test and medical test.

 Application fee

UR / OBC / EWS- Rs-250
SC / ST- No fee

 Apply this way 

Interested and eligible candidates can apply for this position online at See the official notification for more informatio:

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As vaccination speeds up, so does the business of counterfeit vaccines. Learn how to identify genuine and counterfeit vaccines.

How can you identify genuine and counterfeit vaccines? How is the vaccination certificate checked

Only go to the government vaccination center for vaccination. If you want to go to a private center, first find out if the center is authorized. Private vaccination centers are also on the Covin portal. You can book slots at private centers right from the Covin portal or app.

You can get an antibody test one month after the vaccine. This test will tell you how many antibodies your body has made. If you have been given a dose of the actual vaccine, antibodies will also be made.
India has the world's largest vaccination program. The government has implemented a new vaccination policy since June 21. Since then the vaccination program has picked up speed. More than 32 crore doses have been delivered so far, though the business of counterfeit vaccines is also growing in the country. After Maharashtra, there has been a case of fake vaccination in West Bengal. TMC MP Mimi Chakraborty has fallen ill after getting a fake vaccine at a vaccination camp

How long will the message and certificate be after vaccination?  

 You will receive a confirmation message within 5 minutes of being vaccinated and you will also receive a certificate on the Covin portal within 1 hour. So if someone tells you that we will give the certificate later, you can ask the reason. The vaccine scam that took place in Mumbai said that we will give you a certificate after some time, but the certificate is available in an hour.

Be so vigilant at the time of vaccine registration

 Many anti-social elements are deceiving people in the name of vaccine registration. In the name of vaccine registration, they send a link via text message to the person's phone, clicking on which an application is automatically installed in that person's phone. All the confidential information of the phone can be stolen through this app.

Things to keep in mind at the time of vaccine registration

Just register for the vaccination through the Covin application or portal. The Government of India has provided all the facilities for vaccination on Covin. Do not open any other application or website or share any of your information. 


read in gujrati:  Click Here

 how many cases of counterfeit vaccine have been reported in the country so far? 

The first major incident of its kind took place in Mumbai. Held a vaccination camp on May 30 at Hiranandani Heritage Society in Kandivali area of ​​Mumbai. 390 people were vaccinated. The fake vaccine was discovered when no one showed post-vaccination symptoms after being vaccinated.People's suspicions were heightened when they were given a certificate of vaccination. Going to the hospitals whose names were written in the certificate, when the people of the society inquired, they found out that the hospital had not set up any such camp in the society.

Similar cases have been reported in West Bengal. Here a man claiming to be an IAS officer had set up vaccination camps at various places, in which many people were vaccinated. TMC MP and actress Mimi Chakraborty has also fallen victim to the fake vaccine. Police arrested one of the accused on Mimi's complaint, which led to the interrogation revealing that the camp had been given a dose of antibiotics instead of the corona vaccine.

How to check the vaccination certificate? 

You can check by scanning the QR code of the vaccine certificate. Also on the certificate are your name, age, date and time of vaccination, the name of the vaccination center and the name of the health worker who gave you the vaccine. If there is an error in this information, file a complaint immediately.

What are the side effects if you have been given a fake vaccine?   

 you will not notice any of the symptoms after the vaccination. Such as hand pain, mild fever or fatigue. These symptoms usually occur in 80% of people after vaccination. However it depends on your immune system and the type of vaccine.
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Sunday, 27 June 2021

Mini Lockdown Unlocked: These major changes in Gujarat from today, 18 city curfew free .

Mini lockdowns were imposed in 36 cities in the state following Corona's death. But now that the second wave has calmed down, the government is offering relief in stages. On June 24, the state government decided to grant several concessions. These concessions will remain in effect until July 10. New notifications will then be issued. This decision will be implemented all over Gujarat from today. In which 18 cities have got one hour relief in night curfew. While 18 cities have been exempted from night curfew from today. Many such major changes have taken place since today

 Curfew will be imposed in 18 cities from 10 pm

The eight municipal corporations in the state will continue to have restrictions, including night curfews, in a total of 18 cities. However, the night curfew has been reduced by one hour from 10 pm to 6 am. Thus these cities will be open till 10 pm. Business units in these cities will be able to continue until 9 p.m.
On the other hand, 18 cities including Visnagar, Kadi, Deesa, Modasa, Amreli have been exempted from night curfew.

Auditoriums and cinemas will be able to open

 As well as cinemas, multiplexes, auditoriums in the state will be operational with 50 per cent capacity from today. As many as 100 people will be able to attend the wedding. The new restrictions and guidelines will be implemented from today.

Merchants-staff of 18 cities are required to get vaccinated in 4 days In the 18 cities where the night curfew is enforced, the first dose of the vaccine must be given by June 30, including business operators, owners and staff. Which will now have to take all the vaccines in 4 days. The vaccine will be mandatory by July 10, including administrators, owners and staff who have business activities in all areas of the state.
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GHSEB Gujarat Common Entrance Test (GUJCET) Notification 2021

Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) Gujarat Common Entrance Test (GUJCET) Notification 2021

Exam Name: Gujarat Common Entrance Test (GUJCET) 2021

Educational Qualification & Other Details: Please Read Official Advertisement.

How to Apply: Interested and eligible Candidates may Apply Online Through official Website.

Last Date for Submission of Online Application: 30-06-2021


Apply Online: Click Here

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