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Thursday, 7 May 2020

Startup: The Secret behind the name of big Companies; 18 Tips for choosing Brand name of your company.

Startup: The Secret behind the name of big Companies; 18 Tips for choosing Brand name of your company

What we are going to talk about today is special. Sometimes a lot can be understood by just the name, here we are talking about the secrets behind the name of the big companies.

Brand Name of Tesla Company

Let us give a few examples so that the name itself will create an image in your mind.

Hitler, Gandhi, Abdul Kalam, Bhagat Singh etc

Now I want to tell you what the name of the company should be and what are the benefits of it.

This is important for you to know if you are thinking of starting a new startup.

So let's get started

If we look now, the name is a big asset on the internet, the following points should be taken into special consideration while naming any company.

1) Keep it Short
The name of the compony should be short as posible.
example: BMW, FedEx, Mac, Coke, etc.

2) Keep it Simple
- Avoid unusual Spellings
Example: Schwab - pronunciation of this name is difficult. so avoid this types of name. People don't remember easily. Name should be short as possible.

3) Brand Name should indicates your business category
People can guess easily the category of your business.
example:, sun pharma,,, etc.

4) Name should be Memorable Unique | 
It Should be stickiness, Unforgettable
example: Kotak, Yahoo, Amazon, Apple, Tesla

5) Alliterative 
It means two Name's worlds first letter should be common.
Example: Brand Builder, Bada Business, Range Rover, Hero Honda etc.

6) Name should indicates broader category.
It should not be limiting as your business grows.

7) Personalized
You can personalize the name of your company as your name and surname. This will be show as unique and different impact on people's mind.
Examples: TATA, Birla,

8) No Ambuguity
It should be clarity about what are you doing in your business.

9) Use A catchy Name
Name should be easily get on the tongue of people.
example: Google,Swiggy, Sony, Maggie

10) Name should give a Clue 
Its like Low and order, Pots & pans etc

11) Name should be visual
Like Black Dog, Blue Leaf, Dry Rain, Bada Business etc.

12) Name should Reflect a Desire/Benefits
Name should be reflect desire of people by its name. so people can easily remember by its choice.
example:, bada business etc

13) Intentionally Misspell to gain attention 
Some times name should intentionally changed so people can easily remember the name by its misspell name. easily get the attention.
Example:  Zero >>> Xero, Cloud>>> Kloud, Lift>>>Lyft, Flicker>>>flickr etc.

14) Rhyming 
Its sounds like rhyming. Name should be like that. some examples are below.
Example: Lunchbunch, firewire, shakeandbake, Dingdong etc.

15) Understand how Names are created
Check the consideration the how name is created of big companies.
Its your consideration.
Some Examples are

  • Nike>>> Greek Goddess of victory
  • Coca-cola >>> Coca leaves and Cola Berries 
  • Pepsi>>> Digestive enzyme "Pepsin"
  • Amazon >>> Biggest river in the World
  • Nokia >>> City in Finland
  • Vodafone>>> Voice, Data & Telephone
  • Volkswagen>>> People's Car
  • Microsoft>>> Microcomputers & Software
  • Nivea>>> Snow White

16) Check the language and Cultural Cannotations 
Check the name's meaning where you sell your products. because its very important.

  • Brat: English- Naughty Children | Russia- Beggar
  • Fart: English- Passing Gas | Denmark- Moving Objects 
  • Gift: English- Present | German- Poison
  • Crap: English- Rubbish | Romania- Fish Sandwich
  • Mist: English- Dew/Fog | German - Garbage
  • Kiss: English- Touch with lips | Sweden- Urine
  • Cookie: English- Biscuit | Hungary- small pe**s
  • Bite: English- Small portion | France - Pe**s
  • Rubber: India-Eraser | Europ/Usa- Condom

17) Legal trademark conflict

18) Domain Availability 
Check the domain availability in the internet because you will require the domain name for expand the business.

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