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Friday, 22 May 2020

Top 5 Programming Languages To Learn in 2020; Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, SQL

Top 5 Programming Languages To Learn ; Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, SQL

The most important and basic thing in today's world is the knowledge of computer. The human life is  all surrounded by the computer and its usage in day to day life. Computer entered the world: organisation, institution, industry, shopping malls, and lot more. The ease of storing information is due to computers. Pen and papers have gone. 

With this have you ever thought of getting any cold drinks of your choice, just by saying it when you enter shops? Yes! Just by speaking to the computer, in a language that a computer can easily understand. Here come the role of software engineers, Programmers, Web developers and more that relies on coding.

Programming language is one of the most important four career. When it comes to programming, it comes up with great features that are suited for different categories(Beginners, Intermediate, Advance) and for various application(Web application, Mobile application, Game development)

But the question is: Which programming language should i learn? 

Around 700 programming languages are available, and the popularity of these languages changes every year and of course its demand fluctuates. 

Here comes the top 5 Programming Languages to be learned:


Python is the most common language among the beginners and intermediate programmer. It started as scripting language but now used for so many purposes. It is a multi-purpose programming language.
Python is easiest programming language to learn, and even person fro  non-IT background can also easily read the syntax of programming language. Doesn't matter if you are a beginner or advance programmer.

Netflix telling you to watch next that is what python is!
Amazon recommending you what to buy is what Python is!

Many libraries and framework are available. Large number of community support and open sources are available. 
You Tube, Survey Monkey are build on Python. Even social media like Instagram, Pinterest are also build on Python.

Time duration of learning: 3 Months

Data Science
Game Development, 
Web Development, 
Computer Vision, 
Machine Learning.

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Java Script

The Demand of Java Script is increasing day by day because it is usable for both back and front end programming.
Java is the core technology for programming of Word Wide Web. It is highly versatile, which gives a richer interface to a website. 
Plenty of resources and an mammoth of community support are available. It works exceptionally well with other programming languages. 

Facebook Time line updates on your screening is Java Script!
Google suggesting term when you type a few letter in search bar is Java Scrip!

Time duration of learning: 2 months

Dynamic web pages.
Web Development
Mobile App Development
Backend Development
Browser Game Development
Serverless Computing

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Java is the most common language, both in service based and product based company. It is used for application as well as software development. It has great community support and free resources available online. 
Java is called the "workhorse" of programming. Java is able to work over a network without mattering of what operating system the user is running. Google has built an Java-Based Android Development framework-Android Studio.

Time duration of learning: 2-6 Months

Big Data
Web Development
Android Development
Enterprise Application Development

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C# is developed by Microsoft. Companies like Wipro and TCS use this as an enterprise solution for their clients. It is a Java influenced programming language. 
Java is designed specifically for use with the Windows OS, fully integrated with .NET library.
It runs on a virtual machine. It is high level language as it doesn't compile into assembly. but to byte-code.
C# is object and component oriented programming language. Has rich sets of library functions and data types.

Time duration of learning: 2-3 Months.

Windows application
Server-Side programming
Web Development
Web Apps
Software for windows platform
Game Development
Windows Mobile Phone Apps Development

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Structures Query Language is a standard language for storing, manipulating and retrieving data in database.
Standard SQL commands: "Insert", " Select", "Update", "Delete", "Create" and "Drops" accomplish everything that one needs to do in a database.
Common rational database management systems that use SQL are: Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL server, Acess, Ingres, etc.

Time duration of learning: 2-4 Months

Writing data integration scripts
Settling and running analytical query
Retrieve subjects of information within a database
Transacting, processing, adding, updating, deleting rows and columns of data in a database.

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Other Programming Languages are:
Type Script
R Programming Language

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