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Saturday, 11 July 2020

5G effects, Key Consideration, Know Its Myths and Facts


5G Network

• 5G provides higher bandwidth & high data rates with remarkably less delays during transmission of signals. 

• The new 5G technology comes with a variety of new applications like: humanoid robots,
autonomous vehicles, connected cars. 
• The use of latest technology like millimeter waves and small cells helps deliver data at speeds less than 1 millisecond.

• The millimeter wave uses high frequency. This usually varies from 30 to 300 giga hertz.  

• At this frequency these waves can not penetrate through walls or other obstacles. That is why small cells are used at network towers to maintain a dense network range.  

• Countries like USA, Australia and Japan have banned huawei from building a 5G network. 

• One of the main reasons of ban is that: Chinese intelligence law compels companies to gather and turn over data on foreign citizens.


• Expiration recommended dates before which the utilisation of a product will reap the best benefits.

• Every product undergoes research and development phase, wherein storage studies and stability tests are conducted.

• These tests are trial and error based and rely on hypotheses determined by the R&D team.


• These dates are not completely refrigerated and goods reliable as unrefrigerated may deteriorate at different rates.

• Expiration dates simply give us information about the peak of a product and do not indicate if foods become completely inedible after a date.

• However, it is very important to refer and adhere to the guidelines provided on the storage and for temperature instructions foods.

How Local Farmers Can Gain Profits

• Modi government's stimulus package announced several reforms aimed at economically uplifting the farm sector including the enforcement of a standard mechanism for predictable crop pricing.

• The Essential Commodities Act was amended to deregulate trade in farm produce, removing stock limits which previously prevented traders from storing food surpluses.

• A new law will allow barrier-free interstate trade of farm produce and the freedom to sell directly or online to provide farmers with a nationwide market.

What do these reforms change?

• Previously, farmers' inability to sell directly to consumers prevented them from gaining profits; the removal of middlemen is expected to "boost income".

• Removal of stock limits will free up the market for commodities and encourage more processing, which will lead to better prices for farmers.

• The government will also invest in animal husbandry, which has higher returns than plant-based agriculture, to help farmers withstand 'boom and bust'cycles of crop pricing.

5G  Mythbusters

The radiation from the Sun is much more dangerous than 5G"

Life has evolved on Earth over millions of years with the natural radiation from the sun.
Many of our biological processes rely on it e.g. our ability to produce vitamin D and our serotonin production which helps to regulate our circadian rhythms.

We do know though that too much exposure to the radiation from the Sun can be harmful. But the beauty of that is we can regulate how much time we spend in the Sun.

5G Myth

There is no 'Conclusive' evidence 5G is harmful to health

5G Fact

A large body of data from laboratory & epidemiological studies shows previous & present generations of wireless networking technology have significant adverse health impacts

5G Myth

Radiation from sun is much stronger than radiation from 5G.

5G Fact

The sun's natural radiation provides critical frequencies that play an important role in our health & well-being. Wireless devices use pulsed RF signals, not found in nature, which are responsible for harmful biological effects.

5G Myth

5G will lead to new pandemic.

5G Fact

This is totally a theorericals aspects. This may lead to lag in public health and safety. It may happen that public might stop any information and advice regarding health and disease. Well 5G might help to have wider coverage and more tranmistt power than any other cellular stations.

5G Myth

No regulation and Control over 5G

5G Fact

There are telecommunications regulatory bodies with some guidelines and rules like International Telecommunication Union( ITU), a United Nation Organisation(UNO) to coordibated with the global use of radio spectrum and development of these communication with technical standards.

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