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Thursday, 30 April 2020



With the  energetic team spirit, Doctors of G. K General Hospital along with nursing and other medical staff have made Kutch Corona free.

kutch corona virus
Gujarat Map

Hats Off to this Corona warriors.

This is the only first phase to make kutch corona free. Again as i writing on (30 April 2020) kutch is with 1 corona positive case. Still we have to wait to make Kutch and whole India Corona free. Stay Home Stay Safe

Lets see Other 20 Days Journey.

Day 21 - Day 24 (10 April 2020 - 13 April 2020)
More 23 samples were taken for those who came in close contact with Madhapar's Corona virus case. The report of lakhpat's lady was found to be negative. One more sample of same lady was taken.
The samples of resident doctors who came in contact with these patient were taken, which were found to be negative.

77 Sample were taken till this date, which of them 73 sample were found to be negative and 4 sample were positive. Others were discharged.
The source for local transmission case of corona virus for Madhapar's man is still unknown and unclear.

Samples of 25 people from Patel Chowisi were taken, if the report of these are found negative then the possibility of Local transmission of Corona Virus from NRI will become less.

3 Person from Adipur, Dhamadka and Meghpar were admitted with corona symptoms and found to be suspected and admitted to hospital.

Doctors and medical staff treating Corona patient are more concerned about these patient. They provide herbal tea, healthy food and Turmeric Milk every 2 hours to improve and increase their immunity.

Day 25 - Day 26 (14 April 2020 - 15 April 2020)
Report of 3 person previously admitted in suspected ward were found to be negative.
Two more person of gandhidham were found suspected which later on came with negative report.

Record break samples that is about 45 samples were taken.

62 years old Madhapar's  Man have died and kutch have noted the first death from corona virus.

It was also said that this man was suffering from lung disease before and was in ICU on ventilator.
18 medical team surveyed the cluster zone of Madhapar and about 1256 home were screened .

 Day 27 (16 April 2020 - 18 April 2020)
The first report of Madhapr's lady (wife of Man who died) have come negative. More screening of 16908 people was done. Home to home survey was in process. 
 Other samples taken were found negative.

57 more sample were taken. The sample of Lakhpat's lady was rejected and another sample was taken and send to private lab.

Day 28 ( 19 April 2020)
Two more case found positive including one 27 year young man working in Pujara hospital and viable Hospital who came in contact with Madhapr's positive case which shows local transmission. Staff of these two hospital were quarantined.
Other 62 year old man from Kotda Madh who returned from Hajj found positive.
Out of 57 sample taken previously 48 were negative, 6 rejected and 1 was pending.
No other sample were taken  on this day. 

Day 29 (20 April 2020)
Within 24 hrs more 66 home were quarantined.
Total 360 sample were taken till this date out of which 6 were found positive and one death.
The number of rejected sample were 38 which was worrying.
Again the report of lakhpat's lady was found negative. But there was no clarity in this report.

Day 30 (21 April 2020)
Recovery days Started.
Madhapar's lady was found negative for the second time and was discharged from the hospital. She was under observation by medical team at home.
Daughter-in-law is still in the hospital.
More 16 sample were taken.
One person from Nakhtrana was found suspected and admitted to the hospital.

Day 31 (22 April 2020)
Repeat sample of two lady from Madhapar and Lakhpat were taken.
From home to home survey, 2057 people were found having disease symptoms.
Samples of 37 year old female from Singhoda (Abdasa), 58 year old male from Nakhtrana, 28 year old female from Mirjapar (Bhuj), 38 year old male from Jura(Bhuj), 18 year old young from Rapar and 38 year old male from Anjar were taken. Total 17 sample were taken.
Screening of 2366 was done within 24 hrs.
345 sample were negative and 38 sample rejected.

Day 32- Day 34  (23 April 2020- 25 April 2020) 
The report of Madhapr's lady was found negative today. With this the report of a man from lakhpat was also found negative, Both were discharged from hospital with advice to take care of their health and eat healthy food. The lady left a very heart touching note thanking all the doctors and staff members. Being unaware of the fact that her father-in-law died, she wrote to send her father-in-law soon at home. The man also thanked every staff members.
But it was worrying that report of lakhpat's lady is not clear and repeat sample was taken.

Day 35 - Day 36 (26 April 2020- 27 April 2020)
kutch ranked 6th position on 22 march 2020 with one positive case and 7.14%. but now ranked at 19th position with 6 positive case, and 0.17%: One death, 3 recovered.

Day 37 ( 28 April 2020)
The lady from lakhpat have defeated corona virus and found negative(Total 16 times sample were taken) It is said that doctors have taken double effort to improve and increase immunity of this lady. The lady was so happy and thanked everyone for their work and dedication.

Day 38 (29 April)
The last patient of kutch to be corona positive is also found negative today. Kutch Free from Corona.


30 April 2020 
One Crew member from Mundra was found positive and is admitted in Mundra hospital.

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   "Together we will fight"

Special Thanks to all Doctors, Nurses and other staff Members of G. K. General Hospital
Cheers and Salute To Them

We are with you.

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Wednesday, 29 April 2020



Today when the whole world is suffering from 'Corona Pandemic' situation, Kutch- a District of Gujarat literally means something which intermittently becomes wet and dry. In the same way the journey of Kutch to become Corona free sets an example of being wet and then dry.

kutch corona virus
Gujarat Map

Yes! 'Wet' which implicates the confirmed positive cases in Kutch while 'Dry' implicates the recovery of all positive cases. Yes of course there is no journey without any hurdles and kutch have seen a deep down in this journey to be corona free.

Lets see this Journey of Kutch to be Corona Free.

22 March- a day to be remembered as JANTA CURFEW was instructed by our respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Kutch started its journey on 22 March 2020 and Ended on 29 April 2020. (Till no other cases being confirmed later).

After Earth Quake for the first time became so quiet.

DAY 1 (21 March 2020)

On Friday that is on 20 March 2020, three person of Gandhidham and three from Lakhpat were admitted to G. K. General Hospital Bhuj, as suspected case of Corona. Out of which one 59 year old lady with history of returning from Hajj was found to be the first confirmed positive case of corona in Kutch, while other report were negative. The 12 persons who came in contact with this lady were gone for health check up and then were kept for Home Quarantine in Lakhpat. With this the Doctors, Nurses and health workers along with health officer started to work after it.

 Day 2 (22 March 2020)
3 person from Gandhidham, Anjar and Adipur were found to be suspected and were admitted to the Hospital. Blood and swab samples were taken and sent to laboratory. G.K. General and Health department faced many allegations but ignoring those they moved on to work for Corona.

Day 3 (23 March 2020)
Around 40 home were quarantined in Gandhidham. Its was Lock Down Of course, Police requested many business workers to observance the Lock Down rules and stay at home, stay safe. A second report of Lakhpat's Woman has also come positive. While others suspected person's that was found a day before were found negative. Screening at Airport, Railways, and at other places have started. About 18305 person's screening is done where in 497 people were home quarantined.

Day 4 (24 March 2020)  
Two person- a lady from Bhuj and a young man from Mandvi were found to be suspected. Report of others were negative. Total of 11 suspected people were discharged after their report found to be negative. 958 people were home quarantined from different areas of Kutch.

Day 5- Day 10 (25 March 2020-30 March 2020 ) 21 Days Of Lock Down Started.
Around 22532 people's screening-1406 at Airport, 10125 at Railways and 1101 at other places. 1246 People were Home Quarantined. Only One Positive and One Suspected.

The Woman from Lakhpat is found to be healthy and stable.

An Old man returning from California was having symptoms of Corona and was found to be Suspected and admitted to hospital Which was later on found negative. Suspected Child's(From Rapar) report was also found negative.

723 People were referred for health checkup. Home to Home survey started by health workers. People returning from outside kutch are asked to get self quarantine(around 29265).

2266 people were quarantined and 20 people were released from quarantine but still asked to stay at home. Third sample of Lady from Lakhpat was taken.

Day 11-  Day 14 ( 31 March 2020- 3 April 2020)
No suspected person was found from past 4 days. To fight against Corona 4 Medical team was elected, where in proper training was given.
Till now total of 32865 people's screening was done.

Third sample of A lady from lakhpat was found to be negative. 96.72 % people were screened by home to home survey.

5 People coming from Delhi's Dargah are asked to quarantine.

Day 15 (4 April 2020)
 People from Bhuj(38 year old), Madhapar(62 year old) and Mundra(21 year old) were found to be suspected. By home to home survey around 98.04% screening was completed.

Day 16 (5 April 2020)
New ventilators were provided at G.K. General hospital Bhuj and at Gandhidham hospital to fight against Corona. Kutch's second and first case of local transmission was confirmed. By this doctors and other people who came in contact with this person are quarantine at the same time. No travel history was found for this patient. The area where the person was living was isolated and declared Contentment zone(3 KM) and other area was declared as buffer zone(7 KM). The sample of his family members and other who were in contact were taken.

It was a Alert call !!!!

Day 17- Day 19 (6 April 2020 - 8 April 2020)
2590 people were released from home quarantine period. The whole Madhapar area where the local transmission case have come was sealed and no person were allowed to enter without permission.

Bhuj- Madhapr's 24000 public were locked inside their house.

30 year old lady from Mandvi was found to have corona symptoms and was admitted to the hospital. Found negative later on.

Sanitization was done in different areas. Two sample of a lady from Lakhpat were pending.



Day 20 (9 April 2020)
Madhapar Local transmission case have transmitted corona to his wife and daughter-in-law. Kutch now having 4 covid 19 case. These created a hype in health department and they worked more to find the source of this transmission.  Total of 41 people were tracked who came in close contact with this patient and tested which were found negative later on.

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Thursday, 23 April 2020

Free Online Courses; Harvard University Offering 64 free online Courses.

Free Online Courses; Harvard University Offering 64 free online Courses.

Today when the whole world is suffering from the covid-19 pandemic, the corona virus affects the people's daily life. There are many countries even today in lockdown period. so people gets bored in house. They are doing many activities which helps to keep them busy in the house like games,books,movies etc.
Some people may be thinking to improvise themselves to do better in future with more intellectual skills.
Hence Many universities provides free courses to empower the people in this pandemic periods.
Free online courses

Harvard university is one of them. The Harvard Universities Providing some very useful courses for FREEEEEEEEEEE !

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There are various subject areas to choose as per your interest as below

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There are many schools which are providing the course as list below
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There are some free courses which i personally suggest to all.
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Stay Home Stay Safe
In this lockdown period of the world, some university provides Degree courses as well as certificate courses to educate in this corona virus pandemic. Hope, you will learn something new from the above courses.
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