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Monday, 25 May 2020

12 Self Improvement tips to get success in life; Try it once or else you will regret


You must have heard many times from people that they are not happy with their life and they are not able to get succeed. Nothing is being done by them.

Sometimes it also happens that we may also think to improve our life and that is thinking of self-improvement through some Motivational Videos and quotes.

But there may be so many things to be done that none of it works at at time because it becomes clumsy and gets demotivated. So you leave it aside.

But here we have some self-improvement topics which are very simple and will be helpful to make your life better.

Can help in making the best, So let's see!!!!

Self Improvement tips

1) Self control

To bring self-improvement, it is necessary to have control of oneself in life. Like you have to control bad habits in your life and pay full attention to your work. Give yourself time and think about which things are being missed and how to control them. Therefore it is very important to have self control.

2) Be confident in yourself

For self-improvement, it is also necessary to have confidence in yourself, just like self-control is necessary. Whatever is to be done must be done with confidence. Never doubt yourself and for whatever work you do, find a simple way. I can only do this in my mind. Therefore, it is necessary to have confidence for self improvement in life.

3) Stay away from negative people and surround yourself with positive people

If you look around, you come in contact with a lot of people.  But there may be very few people who appreciate your work and your greatness. They always give you good ideas and better understanding. But there may be others who always pushes you back, demotivates you. We have to live more with positive thinking people.  Pay attention to their words and do good things. And people with negative thinking should be avoided. In this way you can improve yourself.

4) Accept the past and move to new opportunities

We all have our past.  And it can be bad at times. But we should not sit around with that past, but rather should move on by adopting our past and flaws. And focus on new work.

5) Learn everyday something new

We have to learn something new everyday. Something that has never been done is to be learned, which will help not to lag behind on any work. And we can live a successful life. One should meet new people and learn something which is new to you and may be they are experts in it.

6) Get new challenges in life

We have to learn new and adopt new challenges every day. We have to do something in which we get some new challenges every day and you will have to struggle a lot to complete that challenge but it will bring self improvement.

7) Decide your goals

Self improvement is the most important thing to set your goal. Because if you do not know the goal, then you will not be able to do anything about it. And when the goal is set, you will work hard to achieve it. Therefore, to make life good, it is necessary to set goals.

8) Increase your mental power and physical power

We have to improvise the body first to get self-improvement. We have to take full care of our health.  We have to be good: mentally and physically. To be good mentally, read books, listening music and do such things that you can take care of your mental health. Physically, you exercise and do more yoga. Some of the most useful for self-improvement are yoga and self-care.

9) Accept your weakness

We must know our flaws and accept it. When we come to know our shortcomings, we have to move ahead by adopting it and now we have to take care that we do not have any problem with it. That is try to vanish your weakness.

10) Love yourself

We have to love ourselves. You don't have to doubt yourself by looking at others. Have attitude and think that you are the best. Taking care of yourself is to love yourself. Never think that I am weak or I am missing something.  Love yourself, the way you are.

11) Stop wasting time

This is the most important point. You must have heard many times from people that I am wasting time and I do not have time. Actually these are the people who do not appreciate time or are unable to do anything. People waste time lying empty and later grieve themselves. But we do not have to waste time, rather a schedule has to be made and run according to it, as if you walk according to that time table, then your time will not be waste.

12) Be Limitless

Yes this sounds very energetic! Of course in today's challenging world making yourself limitless is very important. Make a practice of doing things in which you have set limit, break the limit and be limitless.

I hope that all these tips for self improvement will come in handy and you can lead a successful and good life.
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Friday, 22 May 2020

Top 5 Programming Languages To Learn in 2020; Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, SQL

Top 5 Programming Languages To Learn ; Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, SQL

The most important and basic thing in today's world is the knowledge of computer. The human life is  all surrounded by the computer and its usage in day to day life. Computer entered the world: organisation, institution, industry, shopping malls, and lot more. The ease of storing information is due to computers. Pen and papers have gone. 

With this have you ever thought of getting any cold drinks of your choice, just by saying it when you enter shops? Yes! Just by speaking to the computer, in a language that a computer can easily understand. Here come the role of software engineers, Programmers, Web developers and more that relies on coding.

Programming language is one of the most important four career. When it comes to programming, it comes up with great features that are suited for different categories(Beginners, Intermediate, Advance) and for various application(Web application, Mobile application, Game development)

But the question is: Which programming language should i learn? 

Around 700 programming languages are available, and the popularity of these languages changes every year and of course its demand fluctuates. 

Here comes the top 5 Programming Languages to be learned:


Python is the most common language among the beginners and intermediate programmer. It started as scripting language but now used for so many purposes. It is a multi-purpose programming language.
Python is easiest programming language to learn, and even person fro  non-IT background can also easily read the syntax of programming language. Doesn't matter if you are a beginner or advance programmer.

Netflix telling you to watch next that is what python is!
Amazon recommending you what to buy is what Python is!

Many libraries and framework are available. Large number of community support and open sources are available. 
You Tube, Survey Monkey are build on Python. Even social media like Instagram, Pinterest are also build on Python.

Time duration of learning: 3 Months

Data Science
Game Development, 
Web Development, 
Computer Vision, 
Machine Learning.

To start Learning: Click Here

Java Script

The Demand of Java Script is increasing day by day because it is usable for both back and front end programming.
Java is the core technology for programming of Word Wide Web. It is highly versatile, which gives a richer interface to a website. 
Plenty of resources and an mammoth of community support are available. It works exceptionally well with other programming languages. 

Facebook Time line updates on your screening is Java Script!
Google suggesting term when you type a few letter in search bar is Java Scrip!

Time duration of learning: 2 months

Dynamic web pages.
Web Development
Mobile App Development
Backend Development
Browser Game Development
Serverless Computing

To start Learning: Click Here


Java is the most common language, both in service based and product based company. It is used for application as well as software development. It has great community support and free resources available online. 
Java is called the "workhorse" of programming. Java is able to work over a network without mattering of what operating system the user is running. Google has built an Java-Based Android Development framework-Android Studio.

Time duration of learning: 2-6 Months

Big Data
Web Development
Android Development
Enterprise Application Development

To start Learning: Click here


C# is developed by Microsoft. Companies like Wipro and TCS use this as an enterprise solution for their clients. It is a Java influenced programming language. 
Java is designed specifically for use with the Windows OS, fully integrated with .NET library.
It runs on a virtual machine. It is high level language as it doesn't compile into assembly. but to byte-code.
C# is object and component oriented programming language. Has rich sets of library functions and data types.

Time duration of learning: 2-3 Months.

Windows application
Server-Side programming
Web Development
Web Apps
Software for windows platform
Game Development
Windows Mobile Phone Apps Development

To start Learning: Click here


Structures Query Language is a standard language for storing, manipulating and retrieving data in database.
Standard SQL commands: "Insert", " Select", "Update", "Delete", "Create" and "Drops" accomplish everything that one needs to do in a database.
Common rational database management systems that use SQL are: Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL server, Acess, Ingres, etc.

Time duration of learning: 2-4 Months

Writing data integration scripts
Settling and running analytical query
Retrieve subjects of information within a database
Transacting, processing, adding, updating, deleting rows and columns of data in a database.

To start Learning: Click here

Other Programming Languages are:
Type Script
R Programming Language

  "Get Enrolled Today and Learn More"
"Can Change Career"
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Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Top 5 Best Free Online Courses, Opportunity to Get Knowledge Through eLearning, Utilize Your Time.

Top 5 Best Free Online Courses | Top 5 Best Free Online Course Platform | Free Online Course Mobile App | eLearning

Getting Bored at home?

e learn

Here is the amazing idea that will make you to utilize your time by learning something New and Amazing.

During this lockdown, many are getting frustrated and don't know how to spent time and make it useful. Be productive by learning something new and that will be helpful for your career too.

Many Universities are providing free learning courses in many field. Hare are the list of best free online courses to be done.

You can access 2500+ online courses from 140 institutions from this. To can login to this website and the and enroll for the courses you are interested. 

University like Harvard University, The University of Texas System, Berkeley University, Boston University, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Massachusetts  Institute of Technology and many more provides various online courses with certification.

Once you get enrolled in the course, yo can access the course at any time. You can resume the course at anytime anywhere. Even Mobile app is also available to access and resume with the course at any time.

In edX learning Home Page

Subjects includes:
  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Business and Management
  • Engineering
  • Humanities
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Arts and Commerce
  • Medicine
  • Literature 
  • Environmental Studies
  • Law
  • Literature
  • Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Math
  • Physics
  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Music
You can browse other course of your interest. After completed the course, valid certificate will be provided. If you need any further assistance and have any query, you can ask in the discussion forum and discuss with the trainers and professors.

The Courses here available is available in different languages and at three stages: Introductory , Intermediate and Advanced Level.

More Detail: Click Here

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Thursday, 7 May 2020

Coronavirus : Soap vs Sanitizer, Which is better ? Some Basic Fact you should know.

Coronavirus : Soap vs Sanitizer, Which is better ?  Some Basic Fact you should know.

Which is better ?

Coronavirus outer surface is made of a lipid bilayer. These lipids are pin shaped molecules whose heads are attracted to water, and tails are repulsed by it. So in water-rich environments, lipids naturally form a shell like this, with the heads outside and the tails inside.

Wash Your hand covid-19

Their shared reaction to water makes the lipids stick loosely together- This is called the hydrophobic effect.

It has thousands upon thousands of weak points where the right molecules could pry it apart. and this is where soap comes in.

A single drop of any brand of soap contains quadrillions of molecules called amphiphiles, which resemble biological lipids. Their tails, which are similarly repulsed by water, compete for space with the lipids that make up the virus's shell. But they're just different enough to break up the regularity of the virus's membrane, making the whole thing come crashing down.

Those amphiphiles then form bubbles of their own around particles including the virus's RNA and proteins. Apply water, and you'll wash that whole bubble away. Hand sanitizers work less like a crowbar, and more like an earthquake. When you surround a coronavirus with water, the hydrophobic effect gives the bonds within the membrane their strength.

That same effect also holds the big proteins that form coronavirus's spikes in place and the shape that enables them to infect your cells. If you dry the virus out in air, it keeps its stability.

This makes the hydrophobic effect disappear, and gives the molecules room to move around. The overall effect is like removing all of the nails and mortar from a house and then hitting it with an earthquake.

The cell's membrane collapses and those spike proteins crumble.

In either method, the actual process of destroying the virus happens in just seconds or two. But doctor recommend at least 20 seconds of hand-washing because of the intricate landscape that is your hand. Soap and sanitizer needs to get everywhere, including your palms, Fingertips, the outsides of your hands, and between your fingers,to protect you properly.

And when it comes to coronavirus outbreak, doctor recommend washing your hands with soap and water whenever possible. Even though both approaches are similarly effective at killing the virus.

Soap and water has two benefits:

First it washes away any dirt which could otherwise hide virus particles. but more importantly, It's simply easier to fully cover your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.

Of course, hand sanitizer is more convenient to use on the go. In the absence of a sink, use the sanitizer as thoroughly as possible and rub your hands together until there're dry.

Unfortunately, There are billions of people who don't have access to clean drinking water, which is a huge problem at any time but especially during an outbreak.

researchers and aid groups are working to provide solutions for these communities.

One examples is a device that uses salt, water, and car battery to make chlorinated water that kills harmful pathogens and is safe for hand-washing.

So whenever possible, soap and water are recommended for a coronavirus, but does that means it's best for every viral outbreaks ?

Not necessarily, Many common colds are caused by rhinoviruses that have geometric proteins structure called a capsid instead of a lipid membrane.

The capsid doesn't have nearly as many weak points where soap amphiphiles can pry it apart, so it takes longer for soap to be effective.

However some of its surface proteins are still vulnerable to the destabilizing effect of hand sanitizer. In this and similar cases, hand sanitizer may be more effective, especially if you then wash your hands to remove residual particles.

The best way to know which to use for any given outbreak is to do what's best for all things illness-related: follow the advice of accredited medical professionals.  
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Startup: The Secret behind the name of big Companies; 18 Tips for choosing Brand name of your company.

Startup: The Secret behind the name of big Companies; 18 Tips for choosing Brand name of your company

What we are going to talk about today is special. Sometimes a lot can be understood by just the name, here we are talking about the secrets behind the name of the big companies.

Brand Name of Tesla Company

Let us give a few examples so that the name itself will create an image in your mind.

Hitler, Gandhi, Abdul Kalam, Bhagat Singh etc

Now I want to tell you what the name of the company should be and what are the benefits of it.

This is important for you to know if you are thinking of starting a new startup.

So let's get started

If we look now, the name is a big asset on the internet, the following points should be taken into special consideration while naming any company.

1) Keep it Short
The name of the compony should be short as posible.
example: BMW, FedEx, Mac, Coke, etc.

2) Keep it Simple
- Avoid unusual Spellings
Example: Schwab - pronunciation of this name is difficult. so avoid this types of name. People don't remember easily. Name should be short as possible.

3) Brand Name should indicates your business category
People can guess easily the category of your business.
example:, sun pharma,,, etc.

4) Name should be Memorable Unique | 
It Should be stickiness, Unforgettable
example: Kotak, Yahoo, Amazon, Apple, Tesla

5) Alliterative 
It means two Name's worlds first letter should be common.
Example: Brand Builder, Bada Business, Range Rover, Hero Honda etc.

6) Name should indicates broader category.
It should not be limiting as your business grows.

7) Personalized
You can personalize the name of your company as your name and surname. This will be show as unique and different impact on people's mind.
Examples: TATA, Birla,

8) No Ambuguity
It should be clarity about what are you doing in your business.

9) Use A catchy Name
Name should be easily get on the tongue of people.
example: Google,Swiggy, Sony, Maggie

10) Name should give a Clue 
Its like Low and order, Pots & pans etc

11) Name should be visual
Like Black Dog, Blue Leaf, Dry Rain, Bada Business etc.

12) Name should Reflect a Desire/Benefits
Name should be reflect desire of people by its name. so people can easily remember by its choice.
example:, bada business etc

13) Intentionally Misspell to gain attention 
Some times name should intentionally changed so people can easily remember the name by its misspell name. easily get the attention.
Example:  Zero >>> Xero, Cloud>>> Kloud, Lift>>>Lyft, Flicker>>>flickr etc.

14) Rhyming 
Its sounds like rhyming. Name should be like that. some examples are below.
Example: Lunchbunch, firewire, shakeandbake, Dingdong etc.

15) Understand how Names are created
Check the consideration the how name is created of big companies.
Its your consideration.
Some Examples are

  • Nike>>> Greek Goddess of victory
  • Coca-cola >>> Coca leaves and Cola Berries 
  • Pepsi>>> Digestive enzyme "Pepsin"
  • Amazon >>> Biggest river in the World
  • Nokia >>> City in Finland
  • Vodafone>>> Voice, Data & Telephone
  • Volkswagen>>> People's Car
  • Microsoft>>> Microcomputers & Software
  • Nivea>>> Snow White

16) Check the language and Cultural Cannotations 
Check the name's meaning where you sell your products. because its very important.

  • Brat: English- Naughty Children | Russia- Beggar
  • Fart: English- Passing Gas | Denmark- Moving Objects 
  • Gift: English- Present | German- Poison
  • Crap: English- Rubbish | Romania- Fish Sandwich
  • Mist: English- Dew/Fog | German - Garbage
  • Kiss: English- Touch with lips | Sweden- Urine
  • Cookie: English- Biscuit | Hungary- small pe**s
  • Bite: English- Small portion | France - Pe**s
  • Rubber: India-Eraser | Europ/Usa- Condom

17) Legal trademark conflict

18) Domain Availability 
Check the domain availability in the internet because you will require the domain name for expand the business.

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