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Tuesday, 16 March 2021

RAJASTHAN: Unique initiative of the jail administration, 6 petrol pumps running more than 100 prisoners, getting salary of Rs 249 per day

Jaipur: A commendable initiative has been started by the jail administration in Rajasthan. With this, not only the lives of many prisoners are being improved, but the cost of operating jails is also being reduced on the government. Fuel pumps have been built in the jail premises at six places in Rajasthan, where more than 100 prisoners are working. No proposal to bring petrol, diesel and gas under GST: Finance Minister

Rajasthan's Director General of Prisons, Rajeev Dasot, said that this initiative is to promote skill development and make the jail department self-sufficient. Sales of Rs 1 crore were registered at a similar pump made in Jaipur last month. Which the jail administration has set a target of Rs 3 crore per month. 

He informed that in the next phase, such petrol pumps will be opened at 12 places across the state. The prisoners working here are trained. All the inmates get a salary of Rs 249 per day, which is transferred to their bank accounts.

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