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Thursday, 18 March 2021

Amit Shah: The struggle started at the age of 19, today the company of crores has been created

The struggle started at the age of 19, today the company of crores has been created

Can you imagine that a person starts his own company at the age of 19 and starts earning well? Facing tough struggles, Amit Shah, a resident of Mumbai, set up his own company at an early age and today he is earning crores. He decided to identify himself by refusing his family business. Let's know his interesting story.

This is how you started your business

Amit Shah hails from Mumbai. His family had his own business of clothing, if he wanted, he could make his family business his career, but Amit decided to make his own identity. He saw the immense potential in stone and marble business in India. So he refused to do a family business and started facing struggles. Amit entered the marble industry in 1994 after refusing his family business. He started working on exotic marble varieties and selling it to wealthy buyers. This is how Amit started the Classic Marble Company (CMC). After this, he started collecting more information related to this business. It was not so easy for Amit to do all this. He also faced many difficulties.

New lost courage in difficulties

Amit faced a lot of problems after starting his business. Such as working in an unorganized sector, adverse manufacturing policies, difficulty in procurement of raw materials, etc. Initially they had to build their network from scratch. He took time to build relationships in his business. Along with this, another challenge was the purchase of raw materials, which required tie-ups with mines around the world to source the best natural stone.

Work started under Kalingastone brandAmit started to manufacture the product under the Kalingastone brand while battling troubles, the first plant in India to begin production of composite marble in 2009. Securing raw materials, obtaining the right resources and R&D for Kalingstone was one of the most challenging phases.

Identity created in the marketGradually Kara became a front-runner. His indigenous brand Kalingastone made an impact locally as well as internationally. It is now being exported to more than 66 countries. It is counted among the best in terms of technology and innovation. It is curated with various styles, designs and colors depending on the country in which it is exported. At the age of 19, he appeared as a businessman.

Today are earning well

CMC has the largest production plant for stones in the country near CMC. It is spread over five lakh square meters in Silvassa, Gujarat. There are four different factories for natural marble, engineered marble and quartz. Currently Amit has opened more than 20 Kalingstone showrooms through its dealers. He plans to take this number to 150 in the next financial year.

Amit's company is doing crores of rupees in a year today. Amit wrote his success story on the strength of his hard work and dedication. This story of him is an inspiration for all.

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