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Sunday, 14 March 2021

Funny Video: Dil todi dago kryo parka ne to sago kryo" best example of innocent childhood

Funny Video: Dil todi ne dago didho by little boy

Many a times you might have noticed a child being so cute and sweet.

A boy sing song is soo inocent, you will love to see again and again.

Yes a boy whose word of innocence and his childhood's innocent word will make you happy

Childhood is a time when a child has a lot of fun and Anoj is an example

And this boy is the best example of childhood's fun. 

You will also remeber your childhood and your activity done as a child

We Tried to check the video but didn't know where it comes from.
We will share more information with you if necessary.

Enjoy this video right now

Even as a child when he forgets in the middle he succeeds to find the way.
After all the show must go on.

This child teches a lesson in funny way to never stop and go on anyhow..

Listening to a child's candid song will be fun.

Speaking of which, in this video the child sings a song openly.

The humor that comes from singing a song is worth watching.

This child is singing a Gujarati song.

The baby's voice and the melody of the song are humorous.

You will need a smile on your face while watching this video.

Song lyrics: Dil todi ne dago didho (Gujarti Sad Song)

Whenever you watch this video, you will want to watch it again.

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