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Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Whatsapp message trick: how to read messages

If you'd wish to read someone's chat without knowing it. So for this you've to visit the WhatsApp web version. Here you'll read the entire message with the help of cursor only. to know this trick, you've these settings.

With WhatsApp Web, you'll easily read the messages sent by someone.
 you'll read the message without opening WhatsApp like this. By adopting this easy trick, you'll read the message without knowing the person ahead. Know what's this special trick.

⏩  Read WhatsApp message without opening chat For this, first you've to point out on WhatsApp within the phone and connect it to WhatsApp web.

⏩  You open WhatsApp within the phone, then click on the three dots provided within the side.
You will see the selection of WhatsApp Web. Now scan the QR Code given in WhatsApp Web along side your mobile's WhatsApp QR Code.

⏩  Now WhatsApp account are getting to be opened on your laptop or computer. If a message comes after opening WhatsApp Web, then you've to need the cursor thereto chat without opening that message.

⏩  Now without clicking on the message, you'll read the entire message by just placing the cursor thereon message.

⏩  By reading the message from this trick, the sender of the message won't even know and you will read his message easily.
Let us know that WhatsApp people chat with differing kinds of people , in such a situation, sometimes we might wish to read the message but don't need to let the front person know. 
repeatedly we join a gaggle that does not want to reply to all or any or any the chats. In such a situation, you'll read this message by adopting this trick. 

With this, if you'd wish to read the chat of a selected person, then he won't even know. this is often often a very useful WhatsApp feature. you would like to undertake it.

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