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Monday, 15 March 2021

World Consumer Protection Day 2021

World Consumer Day:

World consumer Protection Day is celebrated on 15th March.

Theme For year of 2021 is " Tackel Plastic Pollution"

Celebrating World Consumer Protection Day

The Government of India has declared March 15 as "World Consumer Day" and

Decides to celebrate December 24 as "National Consumer Rights Day"

State Government declares March 15 as "World Consumer Rights Day"

December 24th is celebrated as "National Consumer Rights Day".

Seminars are organized at the state level in celebration of these days.

Seminars are organized at the state level in celebration of these days. At the district level, the government organizes rallies, consumer camps, exhibitions, street plays and spreads consumer awareness with the help of accredited consumer associations, supply chain and weighing system.

These days are celebrated to make consumers aware of their rights.

Gujarat State Consumer Helpline no. 1800-233-0222

Who is the customer called?

In this regard, according to the Consumer Protection Act 1986 and the person who buys goods to procure services is a consumer. The consumer is also the person who uses the items with the approval of the buyer. Everyone is a customer to someone in some form.

As far as consumer rights are concerned, right to information about the item, right to compensation against damages as well as right to consumer education etc. Consumer Voluntary Consumer Education Institution Centrally Administered State Administration, Central Government, State Government, Union Territories and many similar consumers. The customer can file a complaint.

Complaints can be lodged within two years of the reason for making the complaint. After that, if the complaint is made with the excuse of waiving the delay, the complaint may also be filed late in the case of reasonable cause

Where to file a complaint?

That's the answer we need. District Forum If the value of an item is Rs. 20 lakhs and the requested time is Rs. 20 lakhs as well as the work is done by a partial team to complete the work.

Complaints ranging from Rs 50 lakh to Rs 1 crore can be lodged in the State Commission and if the item is more than Rs 1 crore, a complaint can be lodged in the National Commission. Repairing or replacing the item or refunding the price of the item. If there is an injury, remove the conditional loss in compensation. Withdraw the risky items paid for the sale. It is especially important for the customer to insist on the bill while making the purchase. Let's wake up during this world Consumer Protection day.

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