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Sunday, 23 May 2021

Big news for cricket lovers: The IPL will start in the UAE from this date in September

Big news for cricket lovers: The IPL will start in the UAE from this date in September

There is good news for cricket fans. The remaining matches of the IPL will now be played in the UAE. According to sources, all the IPL matches will be played in the UAE between September 15 and October 15. Earlier, the BCCI was considering where to play the remaining matches. In particular England and UAE had two options. According to sources, the UAE has already hosted the IPL, which has led to the decision to play the rest of the tournament in the UAE. The IPL 2021 had to be canceled following Corona after 29 matches of the season. 31 out of 60 matches are left to play.

According to the information received, IPL has already been organized in UAE. BCCI may announce new venues and dates of IPL on May 29. News is being received that a special general meeting has been organized by BCCI on May 29. BCCI CEO Hemang Amin will propose to play in the UAE and England for all the remaining matches of the IPL at the BCCI meeting on May 29. His first choice is the UAE. The first reason the IPL is held in the UAE is that it will cost less in the UAE than in England. The cost of hotels, stadiums, etc. in England is much higher than in the UAE. In the UAE, teams can easily reach the stadium by road. The cost of travel to England will also increase. Excessive travel also increases the risk of coronary heart disease. Another reason for not playing the rest of the IPL matches in the UK is the atmosphere in England in September. There will be some matches canceled due to rain. The UAE will have a colder weather in September. Which will be good for the players and staff. At the same time, another reason for organizing in the UAE is that the last season of the IPL was also played in the UAE. Which will make it easier to plan there.

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If the remaining matches of the IPL are held in the UAE, this will be the third time that the Arabs will host the world's largest cricket tournament. It had earlier hosted the first 20 matches in India following the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. So following Corona, the 2020 season was played in the UAE. The rest of Mayo's 14th IPL season was canceled following Corona. Sunrisers Hyderabad's Riddhiman Saha, Delhi Capital's Amit Mishra, KKR's Sandeep Warrior and Varun Chakraborty, CSK's bowling coach L, Balaji and batting coach Michael Hussey Korona were infected. After that the BCCI and the IPL board had no choice but to cancel the tournament.

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