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Monday, 28 June 2021

As vaccination speeds up, so does the business of counterfeit vaccines. Learn how to identify genuine and counterfeit vaccines.

How can you identify genuine and counterfeit vaccines? How is the vaccination certificate checked

Only go to the government vaccination center for vaccination. If you want to go to a private center, first find out if the center is authorized. Private vaccination centers are also on the Covin portal. You can book slots at private centers right from the Covin portal or app.

You can get an antibody test one month after the vaccine. This test will tell you how many antibodies your body has made. If you have been given a dose of the actual vaccine, antibodies will also be made.
India has the world's largest vaccination program. The government has implemented a new vaccination policy since June 21. Since then the vaccination program has picked up speed. More than 32 crore doses have been delivered so far, though the business of counterfeit vaccines is also growing in the country. After Maharashtra, there has been a case of fake vaccination in West Bengal. TMC MP Mimi Chakraborty has fallen ill after getting a fake vaccine at a vaccination camp

How long will the message and certificate be after vaccination?  

 You will receive a confirmation message within 5 minutes of being vaccinated and you will also receive a certificate on the Covin portal within 1 hour. So if someone tells you that we will give the certificate later, you can ask the reason. The vaccine scam that took place in Mumbai said that we will give you a certificate after some time, but the certificate is available in an hour.

Be so vigilant at the time of vaccine registration

 Many anti-social elements are deceiving people in the name of vaccine registration. In the name of vaccine registration, they send a link via text message to the person's phone, clicking on which an application is automatically installed in that person's phone. All the confidential information of the phone can be stolen through this app.

Things to keep in mind at the time of vaccine registration

Just register for the vaccination through the Covin application or portal. The Government of India has provided all the facilities for vaccination on Covin. Do not open any other application or website or share any of your information. 


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 how many cases of counterfeit vaccine have been reported in the country so far? 

The first major incident of its kind took place in Mumbai. Held a vaccination camp on May 30 at Hiranandani Heritage Society in Kandivali area of ​​Mumbai. 390 people were vaccinated. The fake vaccine was discovered when no one showed post-vaccination symptoms after being vaccinated.People's suspicions were heightened when they were given a certificate of vaccination. Going to the hospitals whose names were written in the certificate, when the people of the society inquired, they found out that the hospital had not set up any such camp in the society.

Similar cases have been reported in West Bengal. Here a man claiming to be an IAS officer had set up vaccination camps at various places, in which many people were vaccinated. TMC MP and actress Mimi Chakraborty has also fallen victim to the fake vaccine. Police arrested one of the accused on Mimi's complaint, which led to the interrogation revealing that the camp had been given a dose of antibiotics instead of the corona vaccine.

How to check the vaccination certificate? 

You can check by scanning the QR code of the vaccine certificate. Also on the certificate are your name, age, date and time of vaccination, the name of the vaccination center and the name of the health worker who gave you the vaccine. If there is an error in this information, file a complaint immediately.

What are the side effects if you have been given a fake vaccine?   

 you will not notice any of the symptoms after the vaccination. Such as hand pain, mild fever or fatigue. These symptoms usually occur in 80% of people after vaccination. However it depends on your immune system and the type of vaccine.

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