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Monday, 28 June 2021

Healing herbs you can use everyday


ashwagandha is also called withania  lowers stress  hormones and can help with anxiety . may help depression. help with  muscle building can reduce blood sugar.may improve brain function ,including in alzheimer's patients.may kill cancer sales.may increase male fertility

lower cholesterol.improves sleep.helps with weight loss.anti - inflammatory.can help you under active thyroid


found to have the  highest antioxidant content all spices and an be used as a painkiller and been used for centuries to treat tooth  aches and gum pain .                                                                                       eases cold and allergies,and oils of cloves is useful as antiseptic in mouthwash


1/2 tsp has the amount of antioxidants as a quarter cup of almonds and four times antioxidant activity of blueberries ....go make salad and sprinkle on the oregano! oregano is rich in vitamin k, iron ,salmonella ,and virtually all food - borne pathogens.


over 50 antioxidants have been found in helps increase circulation, calm digestive problem      ginger has also used to treat food poisoning,shown to lower cholesterol  ,treat arthritis,reduce inflammation., and can be used to help increase insulin sensivity in diabetes.


plays an important role in regulating blood sugar in people with diabeties   clinical studies have shown a consistent intake of cinnamon daily help reduce glucose,triglyceride ,and LLD cholestrol with type II diabetes 


the bright neon yellow color comes from the phytochemical curcumin and can eliminate cancer cells , help reduce obesity ,and metabolic disease.  scientist have found by creating anew molecule from curcumin , called CNB-001,this molecule triggers the mechanisms that safe guard and restore brain cells after a stroke.


blocks HCAs or carcinogenic compounds found your favorite grilled meats
rosemary oil can improve cognitive performance and fight off free radical's that cause alzheimer's atroke , and dementia.


the compound AITC found in mustard seed is known to be an anti-cancer compound -this plant-compound is also found in  wasabi and horseradish. studies show that AITC stopped the growth of bladder cancer by 33%

lemon balm

produce it in your home and you will every time be second away from it .lemon balm is great for sleeplessness ans cold

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