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Iphone 14 First Look - The Best Iphone is Coming !

Iphone 14 First Look   - The Best Iphone is Coming ! Hello everyone.. Good news is here ! Let’s Check it out this blasting news. iPhone 14 1st Look with notchless, punch hole Display and Titanium Sides... iPhone 13 is finished Reputed leaker and youtuber jon prosser leaks iphone 14 pro prototype image from the website fronttechpage . Jon prosser has the best track record of the iphone leaks. As we know jon prosse r was leaks the image of airpod max design. Airpod max design was the same as the design leaked by jon prosser earlier this year. Picture Credit @jonprosser I think this is the first leak of iphone 14 series in 2021 this year many more to come in next year and end of this year. Iphone 14 pro looks very cool and design like iphone 4s. As we see in the picture iphone 14 pro will look like as same as the squere sides like iphone 12 series. You can campare the iphone 14 pro model with your existed iphone with the AR technology on the fronttechpage website. EXCLUSIVE: A Clo

Apple September 2021 event invites push today

Apple September 2021 event invites push today   As we know all apple release it’s new iphone every year in September. This year apple also release iphone 13 Series. Apple’s iphone are very popular around the world. Apple sales millions of iphone every year. Apple is planning for sale more than 1 billions iphone this year. This Year Apple release four iphone models. All are 5G compatible phone. These four models are Iphone 13, Iphone 13 mini, iphone 13 pro and iphone 13 pro max. The prise of these iphone may the same as last year. Also apple may introduce iphone A15 bionic chip. This chip may faster than any other chip till now. Apple Event Iphone price in india may be as below. Iphone 13 – 79,900 Iphone 13 mini – 69,900 Iphone 13 Pro – 99,900 Iphone 13 Pro max – 1,19,990 These price is for lower model of the respective models. Apple’s upcoming Features LEO calling 5G modem Lidar scanner Face Id Dual Sim (e-sim) Ios 15 Software Magsafe etc. Apple September2021 event m